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OTR | Helping Foodbank feed those in need.

Nov 26, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Over the past 12 months, South Australia’s leading convenience store, OTR, has donated 75,000 kilograms of food products to Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation, Foodbank SA, which is enough to fill a 25-metre swimming pool.

Since last year OTR has been working to rescue food and products across the state, and their donations have provided 150,000 meals to South Australians in need.

Foodbank now collects from all 144 of OTR’s stores in both regional and metropolitan South Australia, making it one of Foodbank SA’s biggest collection footprints.

“We know that those living in regional communities are 33% more likely to require food relief than those living in metro areas and this partnership with OTR helps us distribute to organisations in regional communities,” says Foodbank SA CEO, Greg Pattinson.

Food and products collected from OTR regional stores stay in that regional area to feed families where it’s most needed.

Foodbank provides 60 million meals a year to over 2,400 charities and 1,750 schools around the country. And as part of OTR’s community program, OTRGive, they hope to feed even more families in need.

Food rescued from OTR includes products such as cereal, muesli bars, pet food, baby food, toiletries, toilet paper, tissues, bread products with chilled products being added to the list next.

So, when you shop at OTR, you are helping make a difference to fellow South Australians. Make sure you download the app, and help charity groups like Foodbank assist those in need.

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