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OTRGive | You choose where they give with the OTR app.

Nov 28, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Did you know that every time you shop or fill up at OTR, they will give a donation to a community or charity group of your choice?

Making a difference is easy.  Simply download the OTR app onto your phone and select your preferred OTRGive partner organisation.  Scan the app barcode each time that you make a purchase at OTR and they will make a donation on your behalf.

For purchases made on the OTR App or with an OTR App scan, they will donate 1c for every $2 you spend in store*, and 1c for every 2L of fuel, all day and night, every day.

OTRGive proudly supports 24 organisations and charities, including Surf Life Saving South Australia and RSPCA South Australia.

Your OTR purchases will help Surf Life Saving SA to continue to create a safe environment on and off our beaches, through patrols, training programs and education. 

Surf Life Saving is the largest volunteer movement of its kind in the world.  Being a member of a club offers children and families a place to belong, a place to grow and be safe, all while giving back to the community.   

Surf Life Saving is a unique not-for-profit charity and community service that exists only through the generosity of donors, just like you and OTR!

By choosing them on the app, OTR donates money so that Surf Life Saving can keep doing their important work – saving lives on SA’s beaches this summer.

As the state’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, RSPCA is the leading voice for creatures great and small across South Australia.  Their crucial work is funded entirely by community donations.

By selecting RSPCA on your OTR app and scanning the barcode for each purchase, you will help them to prevent cruelty, as well as to provide shelter, education, medical attention and love to vulnerable animals.  

Money raised will also assist RSPCA to place animals in their forever homes, and to prosecute animal cruelty and neglect.  

Helping animals in needs is as simple as ordering a coffee or washing your car at OTR!

OTRGive is the easiest way to support local charities.  In fact, customers have chosen where over $175,000 in donations have been made to SA charities, but OTR wants to give more.

So next time you’re filling the tank or your shopping basket at OTR, you can also support a great South Australian charity or community group.  Download the OTR app today.


*Includes all items for sale in OTR except tobacco, Hungry Jack’s and Guzman Y Gomez.

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