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Natural Cycles fertility tracking smartphone app – an alternative to hormonal contraception and a way to boost the likelihood of falling pregnant.

On the face of it, the notion that an app can replace conventional contraception methods may seem far-fetched, but it will come as no surprise to any woman who has closely monitored her own menstrual cycle.  By taking your temperature with a specialised thermometer first thing each morning and recording the results, along with some other minimal information, into the Natural Cycles App, you should be able clearly chart the various stages of your cycle, with the all important identifying of your fertile window.  This empowers women to determine the optimal time to conceive or to avoid conception.

The Natural Cycles fertility tracking app works by analysing the information that you consistently enter.  A woman can only become pregnant during ovulation, the 24 – 48 hour period after one of her ovaries releases a mature egg.  Sperm can survive in a woman’s body for up to five days, meaning that there is a maximum of six days per month where sexual intercourse can lead to conception.  By practicing fertility awareness using the Natural Cycles app, a woman can be alerted to her optimal time to fall pregnant, or reminded to use barrier protection to avoid conception.  This method may be welcome alternative for the many women who feel unwell when taking the contraceptive pill.. However, it is not a perfect solution for those who have an irregular lifestyle which would make monitoring their cycle difficult or for those who have highly irregular periods.

The founder and chief technical officer of the Natural Cycles app is Elina Berglund Scherwitzl, a particle physicist who was part of the Cern team of scientists to discover the Higgs boson.  Along with her husband, a fellow physicist, and a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, Elina has conducted a clinical study that found that Natural Cycles, when used correctly, is as effective in preventing pregnancies as the contraceptive pills.  There has been a call for larger scale, independent clinical studies to prove the apps efficacy.

Natural Cycles offers several options when signing up.  You can have a free trial for one month, a monthly subscription that does not include the thermometer, or an annual subscription that does include it.  The app is also compatible with the Apple Health application.

The Wrap Up
Please speak with your GP prior to undertaking new contraceptive methods
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