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Nov 11, 2015 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

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Wellbeing starts with good digestive health.  Is your mojo in need of a major boost?  Then try Mojo Kombucha’s range of six delicious probiotic drinks!  Mojo Kombucha is a cultured, heathy superfood, bubbling and bursting with Australian organic goodness.  In today’s world where so much of the food and drink we consume is highly processed, Kombucha is a back to basics approach to the simple art of doing something good for yourself.  It’s uplifting, rejuvenating and your body with love you for it.

Mr Mojo! Anthony, Founder and CEO

The Mojo Kombucha range comprises of natural, living health drinks.  An ancient handmade elixir, Kombucha is made by a unique fermentation process which creates probiotics and enzymes.  It is said to help maintain healthy gut flora by increasing the number of beneficial organisms and by enhancing the absorption of minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.  And the good news doesn’t stop there!  Mojo is certified organic, vegan friendly and gluten free.

MOJO KOMBUCHA is a living superfood

There are no nasty artificial sweeteners and each drink is very low in sugar as it is only used to boost fermentation.  Australian made and Australian family owned, Mojo is unfiltered so you don’t lose any of the goodness!

The amazing health benefits of Mojo Kombucha means that athletes and sporting clubs are now using it in place of sugar-laden sports drinks! Ex-AFL Footballer Kane Cornes now recovers with Mojo post workout and he is not alone.

The Brisbane Broncos believe that, “optimising and utilising the strengths of our players has never been more important in this tough game.  Gaining every edge is paramount.  After some research the health and conditioning coaches realised health begins in the gut.  Diet and rehydration were the key words, but rehydrating with good Australian certified organic produce based drinks was the key to unlocking best health practices, not sugary chemical substitutes.  So Mojo Kombucha was the obvious choice, with its as close to nature stature and unique taste, a great relationship was formed between Organic and Raw (the makers of Mojo) and the Brisbane Broncos”.  

There are seven delicious Mojo Kombucha varieties to try; Mojo Original Original, Mojo Organic Ginger, Mojo Organic Lemon Citrus, Mojo Organic Raspberry Passion, Mojo Perfect Passionfruit, Mojo Blueberry and Ginger and Mojo Peppermint Greens.

Another way to use Mojo!

Why not cool down on a hot summer’s night with our Mojo Kombucha Moscow Mule cocktail developed by She Shopped Foodie Dinah. Watch the video below to see Dinah whip this outrageously good drink up in seconds.

1 x bottle Mojo Kombucha Ginger Flavour
2 x Tsp Brown Sugar
240ml Organic Cucumber Vodka
Handful of mint
Sliced cucumber
Limes cubed and bruised


Mojo Kombucha … made locally, available nationally!

The wonderful Mojo Kombucha range can be found in your local health food store, organic market, organic cafes and restaurants, and health related supermakets.  Mojo is always found in the fridge!



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