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Nov 5, 2016 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Staying healthy – It can feel complicated, but the truth is, making small changes, like opting to drink MOJO Crafted Kombucha, over sugar laden soft drinks or calorie loaded alcohol, can make a big difference. We caught up with Olympian, Physiotherapist and MOJO Crafted Kombucha enthusiast, Jess Trengove, and found out that she drinks the probiotic bevarage as an enjoyable way to impove her gut health and finds it to be a refreshing way to rehydrate and revcover after training – she actually craves it on long runs.


But it’s not just for world class athletes.  Conveniently the fermented drink is now available in the fridge section of your local Woolworths – right next to the juices. The naturally effervescent, probiotic beverage, is a smoother lighter version of classic MOJO Kombucha and was developed in response to customers wanting to improve their gut health. So how does drinking MOJO Crafted Kombucha improve inner health?


The certified organic drink is probiotic dense. Probiotics are an effective option for relieving abdominal pain and bloating. Significantly, the probiotic found in MOJO Crafted Kombucha is 10 x more likely to survive the stomach gastric juices than probiotics traditionally found in yoghurt – meaning it reaches your gut alive!


MOJO Crafted Kombucha really is an elixir for inner health. Better gut health has multiple benefits including improved digestion, increased energy and glowing skin. There has even been research to suggest probiotics reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and increase recovery in athletes.


Made from fermented tea, using a traditional fermentation process, the drink is available in two refreshingly, delicious flavours – MOJO Crafted Ginger and MOJO Crafted Strawberry Hibiscus. The beverage offers a healthy alternative to soft drinks and alcohol – you can now quench your thirst and improve your health with non-dairy, organic, low sugar, vegan friendly, allergen-free kombucha. Too good!


If you’ve been considering small changes to improve your health, reducing refined or artificial sweeteners in your diet and doing more for your gut health is a great way to start and it’s as easy as swapping soft drink for functional and delicious MOJO Crafted Kombucha when you do your next shop at Woolies.


The Wrap Up

450ml MOJO Crafted Ginger and MOJO Crafted Strawberry Hibiscus are available now from Woolworths in NSW, VIC, SA, NT and ACT.

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