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Modibodi was created in response to women wanting more from their underwear. Designed in Australia and made using sustainable Bamboo and Sport Merino, Modibodi provides the ultimate in comfort and protection – no matter what you are up to!


Protection from what I hear you ask? Life’s annoying and very common unmentionables – sweat, light bladder leaks (you know the type after you sneeze? Aha) menstrual onset / overflow, odour and breast milk leaks.


Because women of all ages and shapes inevitably have to endure pesky issues in the undies region, Modibodi is available in sizes from girls 10 to ladies 26. Best of all protection does not have to come at the cost of style – there are a range of designs available in hipster, classic knickers, boyleg and bikini shapes. We love the Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini – sexy, flattering and functional.


Everything else in our lives has advanced thanks to technology and thanks to Modibodi, our underwear need be no different. The superior protection comes from high-performance, anti-microbial linings that feature in all Modibodi knickers – select from Modifier Technology ™ which wicks moisture, is ultra-absorbent, stops odour and is stain resistant or Modifier Air Technology ™ which wicks moisture and is stain resistant – ideal for gym goers, runners and yoginis.


The maternity collection from Modibodi is award winning and it’s not hard to understand why – during and after pregnancy is often when we need the most protection. Women are turning to Modibodi for functional and leak proof underwear and breastfeeding tops so they can focus on being a new mum with confidence.


Modibodi sent the girls in the She Shopped office some samples to try and it’s unanimous – this underwear is unlike anything we have ever worn before and yet it looks the same as any of the designer labels. The patented technology in Modibodi is impressive but I think we all agree we just want underwear that is good quality, looks great, feels comfortable and keeps us feeling fresh and Modibodi achieves that unlike any other brands on the market.


The Wrap Up

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