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miraDry has been available internationally and in the eastern states of Australia for years and now the treatment that reduces underarm sweat is available at Medical Lasers and Dermatology in Adelaide. We sent Mr She Shopped along to check it out – he’s not an ‘out of the ordinary’ sweater, but he does work in TV, where the solution to unsightly sweat patches caused by hot studio lights is to apply women’s sanitary pads underneath the armpits. Forget about that we said! And off to Medical Lasers and Dermatology he went.


So what is miraDry? It is the only non-invasive, FDA cleared, TGA listed treatment to permanently reduce sweat and odour glands in the underarm area using microwave energy. It’s pretty quick (allow around two hours for consult and treatment), doesn’t require a doctors referral and is completed in the rooms at Medical Laser and Dermatology.


For sufferers of axillary hyperhidrosis, the procedure offers a permanent reduction in underarm sweating, which can be quite life changing for someone who has endured uncontrollable, excessive sweating. Traditionally these people might have turned to Botox to temporarily curb the issue or reluctantly withstood the confidence sapping problem.


But it’s not just hyperhidrosis sufferers who are seeking out the treatment. Medical Lasers and Dermatology are finding men and women have all sorts of motivations for undergoing the procedure – most commonly patients are wanting to be sweat, odour and deodorant free and they are sick of sweat ruining their clothes!


So how did Mr She Shopped find the treatment? After having the procedure thoroughly and professionally explained, local anesthesia was administered to the underarm – consequently he felt no pain during the process or for several hours after. Most patients report no downtime and return to normal activity – Mr She Shopped reported soreness the night of treatment which he managed with ice and pain relief. The next day he was back at work and resumed exercise two days later. So how long did it take for the underarm sweat to significantly reduce? That was immediate and even after running or while sitting under hot studio lights!


In search of a lasting solution to underarm sweating and want to know more about the miraDry procedure? Book your free, no-obligation consult with Medical Lasers and Dermatology North Terrace Clinic by phoning 8213 1818.

The Wrap Up

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