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I started integrating MgLIFE Magnesium Oil into my life after experiencing sleepless nights and heart flutters. I discussed it with a remedial massage friend of mine and she suggested I might be deficient in the naturally occurring mineral – in fact it’s reported almost 80% of the population are. She encouraged me to invest in magnesium oil and rub it into the soles of my feet and on my calves before bed each night.


Being a bit of a ‘Dr Google’ I went in search of more information, specifically to find out why magnesium is so important and I discovered that proper magnesium ratios are vital to over 300 reactions in our body. In fact every cell in the human body demands magnesium to function – so if you want healthy bones, balanced hormones, high performing muscles and mental clarity, you need


Where has all the magnesium gone? Sadly the average diet is deficient in magnesium because most modern farming processes tax the soil, depleting it from its natural magnesium. In addition to that consumption of caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol all deplete the body of magnesium.


I use MgLIFE Magnesium Oil over taking a supplement because I know it is more easily absorbed though my skin and now have my whole family onto it! My husband often adds magnesium to his bath post workout – it’s an excellent muscle relaxant and helps to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (doms), restless legs and cramping. It’s helped him recover while training for not one but two marathons this year.


I also rub it into my boy’s skin or add it to their bath if I feel they are not sleeping well or are suffering with a bit of nervous energy. Applying it before bed allows their body to absorb this vital mineral so they can relax and get a great night’s sleep.


Wondering if you are low in magnesium? Symptoms including inability to sleep, irritability, anxiety, muscle soreness and spasms, heart palpitations, body odour, constipation, restless legs, fatigue and fuzzy brain can all point to low magnesium levels.


I choose MgLIFE because they balance nature and science. How? They take the purest, finest organically certified ingredients and scientifically test the Magnesium content during each bottling run to produce a product that is of the highest strength and quality and it’s a 100% Australian sustainable product. I also like that it is quickly absorbed into my skin doesn’t and leave a white sulphate residue – my boys like that it has no fragrance. But the thing I love above everything else? Since using MgLIFE I sleep so much better which means I have more energy throughout the day.

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