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LOLL – Poncho towels for grown ups! Praise be to LOLL for bringing us the perfect Christmas present for any pool and beach loving adult!

Stylish and practical, the unisex LOLL range of poncho towels comes in five chic colours and patterns – ‘Stripey’ and Black’ in regular towelling and  ‘Apperitivo Before Dinner’ (think Campari – yum!), ‘Sunny Blue’ and the monochrome ‘Life is a Game of Chess’ in Turkish towelling.


LOLL stands for Lots of Love, Lara.  The towels were designed in Tasmania by Lara, inspired by childhood memories on the beach with her Granny.  Lara saw the need for a cool and functional version of kiddies poncho towel for adults, so she set about creating the LOLL range.


Each towel comes with a hood to keep the sun off and to dry your tresses.  The ponchos are longer at the back, providing protection for your legs on a warm day from hot car seats and sun loungers.  There are two pockets – one water and sand proof for your phone and car keys, the other is perfect for sunblock and money for ice cream.  There are open ended zippers on either side, allowing you to unzip and lie on it like a regular towel, and lovely big arm holes that so that you can pop your arms in to access the pockets and to change out of your swimmers without flashing the world!  Thanks to the flattering draping style of the poncho, one size fits all.


The Turkish range is made with Turkish towelling.  The 100% cotton fabric is soft quick drying and cool to wear, making it the perfect travelling companion.  Who needs a bulky old beach towel taking up half of your suitcase?


We love that these beautiful towels are so reasonably priced at $50 each.  Sign up to the LOLL newsletter and receive a whopping 20% off a purchase made within ten days.  Make sure you grab a cute LOLL inflatable beach ball while you’re at it!  Shipping within Australia is free, and only $10 for overseas purchases.


The Wrap Up

Free domestic shipping 

Only $10 for worldwide shipping 

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