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LG Home Battery | Our Solar and Home Battery Experience.

Oct 21, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


It’s time to update you all on the outcome of having solar panels and an LG Home Battery installed. If you’re not up to speed, we’ve been exploring ways to be more energy independent for a long time now. We live in South Australia, home to the most expensive power in the world, but we had always put it off because, to be honest, we didn’t know where to start. You can read more about our decision-making process here.

Back in May, we finally took the leap and had our solar system, and LG Home Battery installed. Our goal was to reduce our environmental footprint and bring our power bills back under control. Usually, our quarterly statement would range from $950 to $1,200. 

The first bill we received since installation included about 45 days connected to the grid and 45 days with solar and our LG Home Battery. In very exciting news, our bill was slashed to around $400 – success!

By next quarter, when the entire billing period is covered under our new solar plan, we’d expect to have a pay a tiny amount, if anything at all.

There’s been a few surprise benefits that we didn’t consider before installation. We haven’t had to think twice about using our reverse cycle air conditioner. As my husband will tell you, I get freezing in winter, and we used to bicker about how often I used the heater – not anymore. I’m toasty warm, and he’s not worried about the bill.

Also, we have had two blackouts since installation and thanks to our LG Home Battery; we experienced no interruption to our power. When our neighbours were trying to function in darkness, we continued to cook dinner, work from home, and the boys used their devices (of course!). My mother-in-law, who lives down the street, even came down to charge her phone and make a cup of tea.

I also feel better about lessening our environmental impact. We are a family of five, placing a lot of demand on our electricity supply and it feels good that we are now doing this more sustainably and making the most of nature’s sunshine. 

One last thing, I’ve been asked a lot if a battery can be added to an existing solar system and the answer is yes. If you’d like to find out more about storing energy with an LG Home Battery click here. In my next update, I’ll share our experience relying on our solar system for a full billing cycle and any other benefits we’ve noticed along the way. Plus, I’ll answer frequently asked questions that seem to be popping up as we share our story.

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