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kkdu plum – style and function comes together in the coolest bike trailer and cart around. Live differently with the innovative, customisable kkdu plum bike buggy.  Stack it, pack it, store it, fold out, hang it, bike it, love it!

Designed and created in Melbourne, the beautifully made and super versatile kkdu plum is a bike trailer that also turns into a handy cart / trolley.  The brainchild of regular beachgoers Haydn and Astrid, and constructed by a team of dedicated bicycle engineers, the kkdu plum encourages you to live differently – in a healthier, greener and more convenient way.  Leave the car at home and head out on your bike with the kkdu plum in tow.  It is perfect for your work commute or the school run, beach visits, hitting the gym or yoga studio, shopping at your local market and it can even be used for tasks around the yard or as a really cool ice bucket!

The sturdy kkdu plum is able to carry heavy items and to cope with tough terrain, yet it is lightweight enough to allow for easy storage and superior manoeuvrability for city riding.  It essentially comprises of two main components – the trailer and the rack.  The trailer has a tubular frame with a timber base that can have items strapped to it, small and large storage tubs that easily click into place, pneumatic tyres for smooth riding and a third jockey wheel that provides stability whilst being used as a trolley, but can be safely stowed when attached to your bike.  The ergonomic handle adjusts for towing, pushing, pulling and storage, and it is fitted with high performance Fizik bar tape, making it lovely and soft to hold.  The rack attaches the trolley to your bike.  It is compatible with most bike frames; simply drop the trailer handle into the rack’s hitch cup, close the lever, lock it into place and away you go!  We love the gorgeous range of six frame colours, inspired by Australia’s native flora.

As the kkdu plum is carefully crafted, hand assembled and then personally inspected by the CEO and founder before deliver, each trailer takes 6 to 8 weeks to arrive.  The next round of pre-order release dates for Australian and New Zealand is the 1st April, 2017 for 7 days only. There will also be a limited European release of 50 units, available from 1st May, 2017 for 7 days only. Be sure to sign up on the KKDU PLUM website for VIP access to the above releases.

The Wrap Up

kkdu plum – Live differently

2016 London Design Awards – Silver

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