Kidsafe SA | Keep children safe in your driveway.

Jul 1, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Each week in Australia, one child is tragically run over in their driveway.

All children are at risk, with those aged one to two years most likely to be involved in a driveway incident.

The low height of toddlers makes it almost impossible for them to be seen from the driver’s seat.  They also lack danger awareness; a combination that can prove to be deadly.

As a not-for-profit, non-government organisation, Kidsafe SA is dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death and injuries to children.

She Digital is proud to have produced this thought-provoking awareness campaign for Kidsafe SA, featuring South Australian Indigenous actors, and father-and-son duo, Paul and Reign Vandenbergh.

The campaign aims to provide parents and guardians with vital information about the risk to children and how to keep them safe.

Knowing where your children are at all times is imperative.  If you cannot see them, you have to assume that they are not safe.

Even if your vehicle is fitted with sensors or reversing cameras, children may not be noticed until it is too late.  They can easily dart behind the wheel at the last minute.

Common injuries that can occur include head trauma, leg fractures, internal injuries, cuts, scrapes and bruises.  Sadly, a number of children sustain lifelong or fatal injuries.

Keep your family safe in your driveway by following Kidsafe SA’s three steps: Supervise, Separate and See.

SUPERVISE children at all times around driveways.  Hold their hand to keep them safe.  Recognise that your driveways is a high-risk environment and watch your children in the same that you would when around water or a major road.  Be extra careful when visitors come to the home – they may not be thinking about children when reversing out.

SEPARATE play areas from driveways using fences, self-closing gates and garage doors. Also consider your own home layout.  Can children gain access to the driveway or garage?  Driveway run overs often occur when young children wander out onto the driveway from the home garage, front door or side gate. Thinking about how you can restrict access from the home to the driveway is a vital step in reducing risk.

SEE your children.  Do not rely on rear-view mirrors or reversing cameras.  All cars have a large blind space behind them, some up to 15 metres long. If you don’t know, don’t go.

Driveway run overs are preventable.  To find out more, visit

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