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Jan 23, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Creating a positive and healthy workplace is a smart business decision, and by updating your office furniture, you can improve and maintain your health and that of your staff.

She Shopped founder Lucy Cornes popped in to see the folks at Keen Office Furniture and she took Kerry Bungey from PhysioXtra to get some expert advice on why ergonomic furniture can make your office healthier and more productive.

An office job means people are often sitting at desks, but by having ergonomically sound chairs like the ZS120 Task Chair, you can look after your staff.

“The Task Chair is perfect for someone who works at their desk every day.  It features a mesh backrest formed to support the natural back curves. It has a height adjustable, flexing lumbar support, which allows custom positioning.  And the continuous flowing movement of the synchronous mechanism provides quality ergonomic movement,” Kerry says.

Monitor arms are a great space saver, but they are also good for your health too, like the Integ Ar-ray Monitor Arm, which Kerry says, can help avoid injury.

“A good monitor arm can reduce the risk of eye injury, reduces risk of neck injury and it will reduce the risk of back injury,” she says.

One of the most popular products at Keen Office Furniture is the ergonomically designed Oyster Mesh Chair.

“It has an upholstered injection moulded foam seat with lumbar support allowing ideal positioning.  Adding to that, it features height adjustable arms and a full ergonomic mechanism,” Kerry says.

It’s also incredibly comfortable!

And while Keen Office Furniture have great chairs, they also encourage using standing desks when you can, and Kerry agrees.

“Several studies show standing desks can decrease chronic back and neck pain caused by prolonged sitting.  Standing up all day at work means that you are more physically active than when you are sitting down all day and being more active may reduce the risks associated with sedentary activities like sitting, such as diabetes, obesity and some cancers,” Kerry says.

While we work, we also need to take a load off our feet, so by easing into using the Vertilift Electric Height Adjustable corner workstation frame and gently increasing the time spent standing, you can work all day standing up, but you should also sit down to give your whole body a well-deserved break.

Studies have also shown standing desks have a positive influence on overall well-being and can decrease stress and fatigue.  

The Standesk Memory with Keyboard is no exception and PhysioXtra’s Kerry says it will do wonders for your health and comfort.

“Standing at work is important.  It decreases chronic neck and back pain, will make you more physically active at work, and it can have a positive benefit on overall wellbeing ,” she says.

To find out more about Keen Office Furniture’s great ergonomic furniture to add to your office’s wellbeing, head to

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