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IKEA Adelaide | Pantry makeover with Sarah Shanahan.

May 22, 2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


In striving to keep on top of clutter in your home, surely no place is more important to be organised than the kitchen pantry.  Does yours look like a bomb site? Are there miscellaneous tins, half used bags of pasta, six bottles of balsamic vinegar and a few sad potatoes languishing at the back?  We have the solution for you.

Lucy Cornes’ pantry was very much the product of a busy family.  Luckily, IKEA Adelaide and Sarah Shanahan, food and product stylist and organisational guru, saved the day.  The result? A pantry that is both pretty and functional – and one that you can achieve in your own home too.

Sarah began the pantry makeover by taking everything out.  She suggests checking expiry dates and the condition of food so that you can discard as you go.  By placing the entire contents of your pantry onto a large table, you can really get a clear idea of what you are working with.

From this, Sarah grouped items into zones, such as snacks, condiments, baking goods and cereal.  She decanted all loose items into a range of IKEA storage containers.

The IKEA 365+ dry food jars with lid, in 1.3l and 2.3l, are transparent so you can see the contents.  They are designed to be gripped whilst your pour and stir, and the lid can be completely removed to fill the jar or partially opened for easier pouring.  

EKLATANT clear glass jars with bamboo lids were chosen by Sarah to display Lucy’s large range of teas.  

Biscuits, nuts and sugar were placed into IKEA 365+ square glass with bamboo lids.  They stack well and the tight-fitting lids keeps food fresh and preserves flavours and aromas.

SKAKARE bamboo storage boxes are great for storing loaves of bread and large packets that you don’t want to decanter into containers.  They are easy to lift and carry thanks to the handles, plus they can also be stacked.

VARIERA storage boxes are also great; they make it easy to keep track of smaller items and you can use them to safely story tall bottles of olive oil.  

The most fun storage solution?  The SNUDDA Lazy Susan!  The turning function makes it easy to see bottles of sauce and tins of Milo.

Excess products, such as extra bags of rice, were placed into RISATORP baskets.  Sarah loves these powder-coated steel baskets with birch handles.  They are sturdy, easy to move and you can see what is stored inside thanks to the mesh design.  They also look great and are available in white, blue and red.

Sarah placed the containers and baskets into the pantry in groups, with a layout that enables Lucy to clearly see all items.  With a quick scan, Lucy knows exactly what she needs for her shopping list.

Sarah also suggests labelling everything.  The extra level of organisation helps everyone in the family to keep the pantry in order.

Once your pantry is organised with a place for everything, it should be easy to maintain.  After the initial cost of the makeover, you will save in the long run. A tidy pantry means that you are less likely to double up and you will use your food before it expires.

Sarah has overhauled many pantries; the layout and contents means that every makeover is different.  IKEA Adelaide is her partner in organisation! Their enormous range of storage solutions combine form and function; practical and well-made containers and baskets that will look lovely in your pantry.

Sarah’s hot tip:  Incorporate warmth into your pantry by combining white with bamboo and other natural materials.

Visit IKEA Adelaide today.

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