Oct 17, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

A quick scroll through Instagram and Facebook and it’s pretty plain to see photographing your pet and forever immortalising them on social media is a real thing! But taking the perfect snap is challenging – we get it! So we turned to an expert in his field and insta-famous pooch Ned the Cavoodle for his advice. Thanks to Plush Sofas, here are his tips.

Video: Watch Ned’s Top Tips


Ned suggests ensuring your pet is comfortable. He’s chosen the Plush Charlotte Sofa as shown in Toorak Fabric in Blush to demonstrate this with plenty of natural light streaming through the showroom windows. He recommends keeping noise and movement to a minimum. Ned says some of his cutest captures have been of him snoozing. Now that is relaxed!

We love our pets for who they are – utterly adorable, so let their quirkiness and personality shine through. Ned likes to focus on his interests, which happen to be fashion and travel. He has quite an extensive wardrobe that he rotates for his photoshoots and sometimes enlists the power of props!

Telling the story of your pet through photos should be authentic and fun. Ned likes it when there are treats on hand – he finds they really inspire his creativity. Sometimes there is his mum and a photographer on hand. Enlisting help is one of Ned’s top tips!

Ned likes to see his photographer’s work hard and suggests they crouch down low to their pet’s level and shoot from their perspective. Zoom in for visual impact so their face fills the frame. If your pet has a particularly endearing characteristic, like big brown eyes, floppy ears, or a terrific tongue, focus on it! Thankfully we are in the digital age, which means you can snap away and easily delete the outtakes – although sometimes they are the most entertaining shots.

Think about the final edit before you even start. Consider what look you are going for and usually a simple, uncluttered background works best. When editing, crop tight on the face for maximum impact and for extra wow factor you might consider using an editing app like PicMonkey. Ned’s top tip is to have fun! Your pet will enjoy it most if you don’t take the shoots too seriously, which usually results in the best outcome. If you get a few great shots from one session you should consider it a barking success!

Ned’s top 9 tips

  1. Make sure there’s plenty of natural light.
  2. Keep noise and distraction to a minimum.
  3. Enlist someone to help (with treats!).
  4. Simple, uncluttered backgrounds work best.
  5. Get down on your pet’s level.
  6. Try to tell a story – focus on your pet’s interests and props can help!
  7. Zoom in on your pet’s best characteristics.
  8. Don’t take it too seriously – have some fun! Outtakes can be the best!
  9. Try cropping tight on your pets face when editing.

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