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Mar 7, 2016 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Video Transcript

Lucy Cornes

Hi, I’m Lucy Cornes and I’m at the Hospital Research Home Lottery grand prize Scott Salisbury Home. Now South Australia, we have broken a record! This lottery sold out in just three weeks! Lets head inside, to find out why.

There are two living areas, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a study. The courtyard BBQ entertaining area is such a great feature of this stunning Scott Salisbury home. The home is fully furnished, professionally decorated and landscaped. Imagine your very own sanctuary, fully styled and complete with everything you could possibly want.

So we’ve all dreamt about what it would be like to win South Australia’s favourite lottery, but lets meet past winner Kathy, to find out what it is actually like.

Kathryn Bacuriski – 2015 Hospital Research Home Lottery winner

I’m the 2015 winner of the Scott Salisbury Hospital Research Foundation Home Lottery. Saying that just gives me chills down my spine, because it actually did happen. It was a really hard go for them to try and convince me that I had won the home. It has made me mortgage free, rent free, carefree, relaxed, and it’s made me want to give back more to the community.

One of the main reasons, that I actually purchased a ticket in this home lottery, is because proceeds go towards medical research. It’s the public hospital system, not the private hospital system, a lot of people perhaps don’t realise that, so it’s the hospitals for the people.

Medical research is so important, because it’s goingto touch everyone’s life. I’m quite interested in the diabetic side, because our daughter, Laura, was diagnosed with insulin diabetes when she was three, and she is nearly 21. There is no cure at this point and I am still hopeful, and I know that money is going towards that as well, so it’s very close to my heart.

Lucy Cornes

We do want to say a massive thank you for your support of this lottery. By buying a ticket in the Hospital Research Home Lottery, you are improving South Australian hospitals and bedside care. I do want to let you in on a little secret, I know a few details about the next lottery and it’s even more amazing than this one. So that you don’t miss out on a ticket make sure you subscribe, and I will see you at the next home!

The Wrap Up

Hospital Research Home Lottery

Sold out in just 3 weeks

Thank you South Australia for your tremendous support!

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