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Why do horses celebrate their birthday on August 1?

Aug 1, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ponies? Check. Carrot cake? Check. Party hats? Of course!

You could be forgiven for thinking this is another extravagant children’s party, but it is in fact a birthday celebrated across the entire Southern Hemisphere on August 1st, every horse’s birthday.

And whilst sharing your birthday with someone else might seem like a letdown to some, at Thoroughbred Racing SA every effort is made to ensure their equine friends know it’s their special day.

When asked to join in the birthday celebrations at Thoroughbred Racing SA, we were yet to realise how significant August the 1st is on the racing calendar. It’s an important day for the whole industry, signalling a new breeding year.

Whilst not all horses are of course born on the 1st of August, nature would have it that foals are generally born close to this time due to breeding patterns, and a shared birth date enables the thoroughbred industry to standardise their ages.

In addition to epic equine birthday bashes, Thoroughbred Racing SA has a lot to offer their non-hoofed patrons as well. With August 1st signalling the beginning of the new racing season, the party continues with the first event on the calendar being the Roxby Downs Cup (August 4th). Why not plan to make a weekend of it and enjoy one of the many fantastic regional events like the Quorn Cup (August 25th) or Kangaroo Island Cup Carnival (February 14th to 16th), among others.

But don’t think you have to travel far. You can enjoy a great day trackside at Morphettville every Saturday with 58 race days scheduled each year! The ever popular Irish Race Day (September 1st) is upcoming, and has a great range of corporate packages available so you and your friends can make a great day of it.

Whether you’re a ‘’fashions on the field’’ kind of gal, keen to try your luck on the favourite with a cheeky punt, or just up for some fun and frivolity this season, quit stalling (pun intended) and check out what is on offer at Thoroughbred Racing SA. Giddy-up!

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