Aug 22, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

The saying goes ‘The kitchen is the heart of your home’, but for us, it’s our living room sofa! It’s the place our family goes to for comfort and time out. Our sofa is home to many happy memories – it’s where we cuddle up in winter and read stories, binge on our favourite TV series and eat chocolate on a Friday night (ok every night).

Don’t let me paint an unrealistic picture though! As a mum of three boys and three boisterous dogs, our sofa often takes a battering. It has served as a wrestling ring for countless epic WWE battles and a launch pad for many a puppy during frenzied games of chasey.

Our sofa has seen some heartbreak over the years – like the time the terrible twos struck and the sofa was Raph’s victim. He took to the fabric (and himself) with unbridled enthusiasm…and a permanent purple marker.

The grandparents called it “artistic brilliance!” while we stood back and stared at the scribbles through a sleep deprived fog, wondering helplessly how we would ever remove the purple, comforted only slightly by the fact Raph had matched his choice of marker with our scatter cushions.

I think it was this very moment that influenced all future sofa purchases – realising that we were not only investing in comfort and style but quality and guarantees. That’s why you will find Plush sofas in our home now; their handcrafted sofas are built to last and carry the amazing Plush 10 Year Peace of Mind Warranty® covering the entire sofa. That’s the stitching, the fabric or leather cover, the frame, the springs, the webbing – everything for 10 years! And we don’t buy a sofa without adding Push-Shield® which protects your sofa against common spills. Prior to delivery the treatment is applied and let me speak from experience when I say it helps to make the removal of stains, soiling and grubby marks easy.

In recognition of sofas forming many great memories in homes across Australia, we are giving you the chance to win your very own Snuggle® Petite valued at over $1,500! A modern take on the love seat, you’ll fall in love with this ever-popular round accent chair, featuring a clever swivel base and loads of room for one or two!

The winner will get to choose from a selection of beautiful fabrics which will be protected with the Plush-Shield® 5 Year Fabric Protection Warranty, so you’ll be covered if there are any purple marker incidents in your home!

To enter simply register your details HERE and upload a picture of one of your favourite memories spent on the sofa. It could star your children, your pets or you. Your picture could even be shared on She Shopped or Plush social media – did someone say ‘Insta-famous?’ Good luck!

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