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Virtual test Drive Transcript

Lucy: Hi I am Lucy Cornes, founder of She Shopped

Ben: Hi I am Ben Finnis, automotive expert, 20 year’s-experience in the industry

Lucy: Benny, good to see you!

Ben: Nice to see you Luce!

Lucy: We are down at Hamilton Holden and what are we riding in today?

Ben: Today we’ve got the SS-V Redline Series 2.

Lucy: It is an absolute beast! It purrs.

Ben: Sensational car.

Lucy: Love it, alright are we ready to roll?

Ben: Can I have the keys?

Lucy: Don’t be stupid! This is my ride.

Lucy: Do you know what? I said before it purrs, but really it roars.

Ben: It roars, it’s got the Holden roar!

Lucy: It’s got the Holden Roar!

Ben: Hello!

Lucy: Oh stop it! Now do you know with this car, there is a little nifty thing, so that I am looking through the front window at the moment and I can see the speedometer.

Ben: Yes it’s a good idea and from a safety point of view, having it there in front of you is a great idea, making sure you stay within the speed limit, which is very important when you are driving a car with 6.2 litres/

Lucy: It’s got a bit of power! Gee it sounds nice. It is what I would say is a beautiful ride! It’s so comfortable.

Ben: Yes they have nailed it with this car. I’ve never been in a Holden like it.

Lucy: You’ve got your reverse camera.

Ben: Well I think with the wagons it is really important, your vision can sometimes be impaired. Again, like all the Holden range, 5 star safety, which is imperative these days.

Lucy: Excuse me while I wave to the fireys, that could be my husband out there.

Ben: Oh! Hello.

Lucy: There are not many cars out there, where mum and dad agree on it. I feel like this is the car they’re going to agree on.

Ben: It is the ideal family wagon. It’s the ideal family sport’s car!

Lucy: The seats are comfortable

Ben: Love the leather!

Lucy: Oh I know, the leather! Are these hand stitched?

Ben: I’d love to say yes, but I wouldn’t have a clue. And the price of these cars…Holden have thought about this and they have priced these cars accordingly, to where the market is. As I said to you before, if you were buying a European car to this degree of comfort and safety, you’d be spending double, sometimes triple the price of this car.

Lucy: Agree! Gee are we going to disagree on anything today?

Ben: We can’t! We love it!

Lucy: I’m going to pull into Glenelg Football Club so that you can have a little play with the car.

Ben: That’s very kind of you Luce.

Lucy: Now the only park left in this whole place is the doctor’s park.

Ben: Fair enough too. Wow! Look at that reverse camera, so clear

Lucy: Just stunning. Well this is a real treat that I am letting you drive.

Ben: Thank you very much!

Lucy: I could see how much this meant to you.

Ben: (Revving the exhaust)

Lucy: You know when it makes that real racing car sound…that’s because of the?

Ben: I can’t tell you.

Lucy: Bi-modal exhaust?

Ben: Wow! L.Cornes! Stop it! That’s exactly right. You’ve been reading up?

Lucy: I have. Well it’s just this car, we are just good friends. I love how the seats in the back fold flat. You’ve been banging on about the breaks.

Ben: Brembo breaks, there is nothing better.

Lucy: Really? I’ll take your word for it.

Ben: They’re red as well, which makes them look superb.

Lucy: The maps is good isn’t it? So it’s not just your standard GPS…

Ben: It’s a huge screen. Multi-media. Huge screen, all touch finger, nice and easy.

Lucy: Touch screen maybe?

Ben: Yeah, your finger touches the screen, that’s really important.

Lucy: This is a great car!

Ben: I love it!

Lucy & Ben: Love it, love it, love it!!!

The Wrap Up

2015 Holden Cascasa

Proudly available from Hamilton Holden

Test drive the Holden SS-V Redline Series 2 at Hamilton Holden and go into the draw to win a fuel card valued at $250.00! Click HERE to register.

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