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Apr 19, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

The good folks at Hamilton Holden gave Lucy Cornes, founder of She  Shopped a Holden Colorado to test drive, so she sought some assistance from, a couple of significant South Aussies.

Tim and Kyle from Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules, who are doing SA proud on the series, hitched a ride with Lucy to share their thoughts on the hefty ute with a luxury finish.

Watch the trio take the Colorado for a test drive in the video below


Here’s what the trio thought after a solid test drive on the streets and beaches of Adelaide.

Lucy loves:

It’s an economical car

For a car the size of the Holden Colorado, Lucy says it’s incredibly economical. With people now thinking a lot about budgeting when it comes to servicing, Holden’s transparency when it comes to annual servicing costs is a huge draw card. They publish all their costs on their website.

The power

It has plenty of grunt! Lucy thinks it’s a beautiful beast of a car. With a 2.8 litre Duramax diesel engine, 3.5 tonne towing capacity and 500Nm torque, the Holden Colorado has a stack of power.

The interior

Holden have been committed to designing a luxury interior which is also really durable, because they understand their demographic and have created a work vehicle to suit. It’s rugged outside and refined inside.

Seat warmers and safety

Along with five-star safety ratings that Holden cars achieve, seat warmers are among Lucy’s non-negotiables, and who could blame her!

The Colorado has lane departure warning, trailer sway control, forward collision alert, a rear view camera and, of course, the five-star ANCAP.

Car connectivity

Always a fan of a car with high level tech, Lucy loves that the Colorado is highly connected with Holden’s Apple CarPlay® and Android® Auto phone projection technology and an eight-inch colour touchscreen. Tradies can use the Colorado as a mobile office.

Tim loves:

The look and luxury

It’s a bit snazzier than his normal ride and he’s never been so comfortable in a car. There’s plenty of leg room in the front and the back.

The seat warmers

Tim loves his bum getting warm with the front seat warmers. He thinks that’s a nice touch (so to speak!).

Kyle loves:

The size

Kyle reckons it’s massive and he loves how high up he sits in the Colorado. He says the size suits him and Tim agrees, saying his tall reality TV co-star looks small in the ute!

The power

The guys took the Colorado for a drive on the beach and it handled beautifully. Kyle agrees with Lucy’s assessment that the vehicle is a beautiful beast!


The Colorado has stability and trailer control, which Kyle was very interested in. Being an outdoors kind of guy, he can picture himself taking the car through the Flinders Ranges, go camping with the boat on the back and have a couple of beers around a bonfire.

The interior

It’s like a tradie car on steroids!” Kyle says. He loves the leather trim, the warm seats and the overall snazzy-ness of the car. He says if you’re a tradie, the Colorado is a damned good looking work car!

The Verdict:

Lucy says: Get in and see Tim and Sally at Hamilton Holden and take a test drive today.

Tim says: It’s a really comfortable car with plenty of extras.

Kyle says: I very much enjoyed the test drive and I’m hoping Holden gives me a Colorado!

Ready to take the Holden Colorado for a test drive? Contact the team from Hamilton Holden today –

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