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Oct 30, 2015 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hi, I’m Ben Finnis, automotive expert, I’ve had 20 years in the industry and I am Lucy Cornes, founder of She Shopped and together we are reviewing the Holden Cascada, thanks to Hamilton Holden.


Lucy: Alright Benny, what are we driving today?

Ben: Today we are going to drive the 2015 Holden Cascada.

Lucy: It’s a nice ride! It feels good!

Ben: It’s a nice car, it’s a great package!

Lucy: Do you know what? I am going to call this the joy ride.

Ben: The joy ride?

Lucy: Well it feels good being in it.

Ben: Yeah it does, absolutely! It’s a summer car

Lucy: It is a summer car and I am summer girl so this suits me.

Ben: The Euro style, the Euro flair and for a price of just over $40,000 I think it’s a fantastic package.

Lucy: It is a good entry level into that feeling of luxury; it’s a convertible which is hot and sexy, which is nice. I love all these buttons, the LED lighting, heated seats, heaven! Every single car in the world should have them

Ben: I agree, I agree. It should be standard on all cars (laughs)

Lucy: (laughing) seatbelts and heated seats

Ben: Yah and wheels, very important Luce

Lucy: In terms of function though and safety and all the rest of it, you’re an expert so talk to me about why this car is good.

Ben: Well as I said to you before, the combination of everything this car has, from a reasonably sized motor, it’s not a huge motor, but it’s a nice 4 cylinder, 1.6, nice 6 speed automatic transmission, safety features are five-star safety.

Lucy: Which is as good as it gets?

Ben: Absolutely, you can’t get any better than that.

Lucy: I’m a tech girl, so I love that it is well connected.

Ben: It is a really good large screen, but I’d probably make it a touch screen, like a lot of the modern cars these days.

Lucy: That’s a good point, I mean when we are thinking about, obviously it has the nav on there, the reversing camera, which is just brilliant!

Ben: Listen if that’s the only thing I’m going to be picky about, wow! That’s a good car.

Lucy: Can you please keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Ben: Sorry about that.

Lucy: This is a test drive!

Ben: This car has been made as a convertible. Not a sedan made into a convertible, it’s made as a convertible so from a safety point of view, it’s fantastic.

Lucy: The good thing is the roof comes on or off in about 17 seconds?

Ben: 17 seconds. That is a leading time in terms of on and off, 17 seconds, and you can do it while you are driving up to 50kms. Standard features, brilliant! With the leather seats, nice wheels, all the appointments this car has, dual control air-conditioning, it’s a fantastic package!

Lucy: Let’s stop on dual control air-conditioning and talk about how important that is! I’m a freezing person, I get cold in the middle of summer.

Ben: I’m warm!

Lucy: My husband is the polar opposite and it’s a constant battle with the controls, but now we have our own.

Ben: Absolutely. Well you don’t have to wind down the window. All you can do is switch over, pretty easy buttons here, switch it over, you’re feeling hot, you’re feeling cold, vice versa, dual control air conditioning, awesome!

Lucy: It’s nice! It feels good, it looks good and they’ve thought about it but there is still the reliability and the trustworthiness of the Holden brand.

Ben: Absolutely.

Ben Pros: Well priced. Plenty of standard features. 5 star safety rating. Roof takes 17 seconds to open. 3 year warranty

Lucy Pros: Euro style and flair. Leather interior. Sleek shape. Hi-tech features and connectivity. Feels fun to drive – it’s a joy ride!

The Wrap Up

2015 Holden Cascasa

Proudly available from Hamilton Holden

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