Holden Acadia | Changing the game for seven-seater cars.

Nov 22, 2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Experience the all-new Holden Acadia.

Thanks to our friends at Hamilton Holden, She Shopped Founder Lucy Cornes and 30 years’ car experience Ben Finniss took the all-new Holden Acadia out for a spin.

The full-sized, seven-seat SUV that’s big on versatility, space, configuration, flexibility and storage is a good-looking car with great fuel economy for its size.

A powerful 3.6 litre V6 engine with smooth nine-speed automatic transmission, stop/start technology and active fuel management, Lucy reckons the car is a “beast” that will suit her entire family.

“This car is for me. It’s for the mum of three boys with cricket bags. I need plenty of cargo space, but my experience after having driven some of the other cars in the category, my comparison would be that this is a genuine seven-seater. This is the car that’s going to please every member of the family. My husband loves a big, blokey car, but I don’t want to drive a truck. But I feel like we’d both be happy with this,” she says.

With smart-slide second row seats that allow for easy access to a spacious third row of seats, everyone can be comfortable, even with a child seat fitted. There is also one-touch folding second row seats also make loading gear in and out of the car easier.

Ben and Lucy both agree the car sits next to the Kluger, comparatively and Ben says it’s a good, level car.

“It’s big but it’s not too big; a good parallel to the Kluger. It’s not as big as the Prado. It’s a mid size SUV and I like the design. It’s pretty bold,” he says.

With a slick interior and next-level technology, the Holden Acadia gives you plenty of bang for your buck. It’s got a charging pad for your phone, and five USB ports strategically placed around the car so everyone can be connected. It’s even got Apple Car Play and the Android equivalent.

And don’t forget the sunroof, which Lucy really loves!

“I think from $42,990 it’s really good value for money for this seven-seater, two wheel drive. It’s powered by 3.6 litre, it’s a V6 non-turbo and fuel consumption is very good for its size. It’s got something called a two cylinder deactivation, so if you’re going for a drive on the highway and it gets up to a certain rev, it’ll drop back two cylinders to a four cylinder for fuel economy,” he says.

Lucy loves there are options for heated and cooled seats, and the leather look seats are great because with kids and cars and keeping it clean, these kind of seat coverings are non negotiable!

And with fixed price servicing, a five year warranty and five year roadside assist, you can rest easy knowing there will be no surprises.

In fact, the Acadia has AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), which means the car will sense if there is a pedestrian, cyclist, or similar, and it has a system in place that will help avoid collisions.

While it’s a big move for Holden to go into the seven-seater market, Ben and Lucy agree, they have changed the seven-seater market with the Acadia.

Pop in to see the friendly folks at family owned and operated Hamilton Holden and take the Holden Acadia for a test drive to see why it’s the seven seater changing the face of SUVs of the same size.

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