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Health insurance can be a really personal thing, and choosing the right company and cover for you can sometimes be a pretty taxing experience.

Luckily you guys helped me to ditch the health fund I was (majorly!) unsatisfied with so I could find the best match for my family and me.

I had been with my health insurance company for ages and I had been totally loyal. The cover was fine, but I just couldn’t get past how less-than-average the customer service was.

We’d paid them a lot of money over the years, so it got to a point where I wanted to feel valued for our loyalty and our dollars and that just wasn’t happening.

I went in search of a new health care provider a couple of years ago and I did what most thorough researchers do these days: I ranted on social media and let She Shopped readers give me advice on the best companies out there.

Video: A recall of my Facebook rant

So many people had experienced awful service like I had, but I started to see a pattern arise: many of you only had awesome things to say about Health Partners.

I decided to take your advice, seeing as it was overwhelmingly in Health Partners’ favour, and I went online to transfer our insurance over. Insert the screeching breaks. Their online platform was a total nightmare and I gave up.

After a whole year, I came back to it and begrudgingly started the process again.

To my surprise, it wasn’t a heinous experience!  They had overhauled their quoting system and it was really user friendly! It was such a relief because health insurance is pretty much the most boring thing on earth so I was thrilled the process was far more pleasant than a year before.

Health Partners

I was able to change funds online in my pyjamas in minutes! No one was as surprised as I was, I can assure you.

And the best bit was I didn’t have to deal with the awful service of my previous health fund, because Health Partners did everything.

I hate paperwork and I couldn’t believe they actioned the whole transfer for me! Also, all of my waiting periods came across with me, which is fantastic because I had been with my old fund for so long, I didn’t want to have to wait to use the cover again.

I kept our same level of cover for hospital and extras, and received a better level of service online and on the phone!

Dealing with Health Partners so far has been amazing. I’ve received welcome calls, SMS and emails, which is lovely and refreshing. Also, it’s a members’ owned fund, so the profits come back and benefit us.

Health Partners


As a Health Partners Member I get 20% discount on most non-prescription items at my local pharmacy with no limit (makeup bag overhaul is go!) and I’ll pay no more than $37 for prescriptions. Wish I was with Health Partners when I had my boys immunised for Meningococcal.

Kane’s happy because he can take himself off to SPORTSMED SA at Morphett Vale and pay only $12 to see a physio. Should the boy’s follow in his sporty footsteps (or inherit my uncoordinated ways) they also have 4 gap-free physio consults per year up their sleeve. Handy!

We are very grateful to you guys for pointing us in the right direction after my Facebook rant. We are loving Health Partners, thanks to you!

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