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Health Partners fans we want you!

Jul 3, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Calling all Health Partners fans – we want to hear from you…again! Your story could score you a $250 EFTPOS gift card and a spot on The Morning Show on 7  – read on!

The She Shopped community is filled with ardent Health Partners enthusiasts. Your positive feedback convinced Lucy to swap from her less-than-impressive health fund after she posted an almighty rant on Facebook lamenting the customer service she received from her former fund.

It seems She Shoppers are quite savvy when it comes to choosing a great-value health insurance provider and they let Lucy know about it on the She Shopped Facebook page.

Here’s just a few examples of what our community said.

“Been with Health Partners over 30 years. Their Gold Extras is unbeatable. Chemist savings is fabulous for family of 5. Used their Dental at Modbury & Pirie St forever and their service is great and gap fee minimal. Their Optometrist offer is current and fresh and more importantly affordable. I recommended HP to everyone. Love this great SA company that keeps investing in itself and customers. If I am going to pay for this expensive service at least I get value for $ and I feel valued as a client.” Commented Natalie. Insert heart emoji!

“Health Partners are awesome. Love that I can send a photo of an invoice on a claim through the app and next thing I know the reimbursement is in my bank account!” Fotini said.

Angela praised “I’ve been with Health Partner for 30 years amazing service! Especially if you have kids that need Bands they have the best rebate! Optical is also fabulous”.

Clearly Health Partners is an insurance provider that boasts happy members. The proud not-for-profit are driven to perform solely for the benefit of their members. They invest their profits back into the health fund to provide value for money insurance.

Now, we want to hear from you again.  She Shopped is looking for three members of our community who love Health Partners as much as Lucy does.  The passionate members selected will participate in a filmed testimonial where they will hang out with Lucy and her She Shopped crew for an hour, discussing everything that makes them happy about Health Partners.  This footage will then be used online by Health Partners and She Shopped, and a section of it may end up on The Morning Show on 7!

Each of the three selected She Shopped community members will receive a $250 EFTPOS gift card to thank them for their time.

To enter, simply fill out our online form below:

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