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Health Partners | 12 Month Review with Lucy Cornes.

Feb 11, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


It’s been 12 months since I made the switch to Health Partners based on your response to a Facebook rant.

So I thought I’d check in to let you know how things have been going over the year and whether or not I feel I’ve made the right decision.

During the initial welcome phone call with member care, I remember distinctly saying we rarely used our health insurance.

Well, things have certainly changed!

My husband Kane has turned to marathon running as his sport of choice and he’s now on a first name basis with our local physio, Josh, at Physio Action SA.

Kane first went to see Josh in January 2018 and has returned monthly for the entire year. Now that’s commitment! And why wouldn’t he when he only pays $12 per visit?

In March, I had surgery for endometriosis and my cover is very clear with no fine print, so I knew I’d have a $500 cost. If the boys ever have to be admitted to hospital, it’s really nice to know there’s no excess.

In April, all three boys were professionally fitted for sports mouth guards at the Health Partners Dental Practice. We didn’t even pay a gap!

One of the best things was flashing my Health Partners card at my local pharmacy to save 20% off vitamins, toiletries and cosmetics, which made a big difference to the family budget.

In July, the kids had their yearly dental checks, which we paid nothing for even though they had x-rays!

One of the reasons I moved away from my previous fund was the problematic customer service, but also because of their lack of optical options.

But last year, I made the most of my unlimited 40% benefit on prescription glasses and contact lenses at Health Partners Optical. I even bought a pair of sunnies for Kane and saved 30%.

The move to Health Partners has been refreshing. The customer service is incredible on the phone and in person, and I now feel confident with our cover – I really trust it.

I’ve got hospital cover I don’t have to worry about and I have everyday access to generous extras that represent real value for my family.

Health Partners have definitely been worth the switch for us!

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