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I brought my husband Kane to Harbour Town Adelaide for a little bit of ‘wife time’. Things got off to an excellent start at the brand new Lindt Chocolate shop, the only one in South Australia. The pick and mix range of Lindt Chocolates available is mesmerising, so many flavours I never knew existed! Side note, don’t leave the store without grabbing a coffee. They make an excellent brew!

Lindt Pick and Mix is beyond!

I capitalised on our strong start and Kane’s rare enthusiasm for shopping, by taking him to the BNKR outlet store next. I quickly stockpiled new wardrobe favourites from leading labels including C/MEO Collective, Finders Keepers, Keepsake and The Fifth. It’s hard for your husband to argue, when the prices are so heavily discounted.

The BNKR Outlet store is new to Harbour Town Adelaide

While I was finishing up business at BNKR, Kane wandered next door to Diesel, because in his word’s I was taking an eternity. Ironically, his exceptionally poor stamina, was well rewarded with two new pairs of jeans and a few basic tees. If you’re man needs new denim, Diesel is a one-stop option. The internationally renowned label, has a fit for every fella. Kane lives in his and was rather excited to find his favourite style at outlet prices, after traditionally paying retail.

The husband looking fine in his new Diesel

It appears Kane gained a little confidence from his Diesel splurge, because next thing I know, wife time has turned into husband time. He was buzzing around Adelaide’s only outlet shopping centre like he owned the place. A quick trip to Politix to check out their latest suiting was followed by a browse through R.M Williams.

POLITIX is a great choice for heavily reduced suiting

Just when I was ready to head home, he decided we needed one last stop at the House of Golf. Remarkable, given he is a very occasional golfer and yet he still found several pieces of equipment and a polo that he needed to add to his golf kit. Well played husband, well played.


Harbour Town is home to loads of other leading brands including Jo Mercer, Portmans, City Chic, Converse, Bonds, Peter Jackson, Pumpkin Patch, Adidas, Cotton On and My Size and there is even a Woolworths Supermarket.  Harbour Town is open 7 days including public holidays (except Good Friday and Christmas Day) participating stores only, Woolworths does not trade on public holidays.


The Wrap Up

Harbour Town Adelaide is home to 130 outlet and speciality stores

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