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Green Industries SA | Tips for using less plastic and properly disposing of waste.

Jul 25, 2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


Like many people, I have become increasingly aware of how much rubbish I am sending to landfill. 

I wanted to make some changes, so I turned to, a really informative website provided by Green Industries SA.  

Here I found some useful tips that have transformed both the way that I shop and how I use my garden, recycling and general waste rubbish bins.

Whilst it’s good to recycle, it’s even better to think about how you can minimise your use of plastic in the first place.

Currently, plastic is one of the trickiest products to recycle in Australia.  

Thanks to the advice from, we have some hot tips for how you can make some easy and positive changes.

Soft plastics, like biscuit wrappers, cereal box liners and bubble wrap, can be placed in the recycling bins located at the entrance to participating supermarkets.

I now place all food waste into a container on my kitchen bench.  

It can then be emptied into the green bin each day … sometimes several times a day!  

This has really highlighted how much food we were wasting, which has resulted in better shopping and meal planning.

I have swapped baking paper for reusable liners that are simply washed in between uses.  

Some baking paper can often have a plastic, silicon or chemical coating. If it does, it’s unsuitable for your recycling or green bin. 

I used to use a sheet or two of paper towel when cooking food in my microwave.  

The paper towel has now been replaced with covers from Big W that are washed and reused.

I have three dogs and I never really liked to put their waste directly into my green bin. 

Thanks to the advice from, I now use compostable bags to collect the dog poo or I make sure that it’s covered in grass clippings or leaf litter, keeping my green bin clean.

Disposable make up wipes no longer grace my bathroom cabinet.  I swapped them for these Face Halo pads that are washed and reused.  Used with water, these pads are really effective and easy to use.

Until recently, I had never given much consideration to the waste generated by single use sanitary items.  They can now be replaced by a range of products, including reusable pads by Hannah Pad, period undies by Modi Bodi and menstrual cups by Lunette Australia.

I have cut down on cling wrap and zip lock bags by making better use of my containers.  I also love the range of reusable food wraps from Wrappa. 

Making good changes in the laundry has been easy.  I have switched to products that are better for the environment, are refillable and use recyclable packaging.  The dirt company and koh offer some great laundry solutions.

One of the best ways to cut down on packaging has been to start buying things in bulk, like dishwashing tablets and toilet paper.

By understanding how to minimise the use of plastic, waste less food and use your three bins properly, you can save money and make a huge impact on the environment.  

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