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Green Industries SA | Help to make a brighter future for your children and grandchildren.

Aug 12, 2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


We all want a bright future for our children and grandchildren.  Climate change is making an impact, so the time to act is now. You can play a role in preventing further damage to our environment.

Green Industries SA’s excellent website Which Bin is a treasure trove of information and hot tips.  It can help you to make easy and effective changes to reduce waste and recycle properly.

Pamela Cornes is the proud grandmother of three boys.  She lives close by and loves to spend time with them. Seeing the boys grow has made her stop and think about what the future holds for them. 

“I’ve been considering what kind of legacy I want to leave for the boys.  I’ve realised that, more than anything, I need to do what I can to leave the planet in the best possible state.”

With her legacy in mind, Pamela has started to make changes to the way she shops, prepares food and disposes of household waste.

Pamela and her grandsons enjoy regular pizza nights.  The greasy pizza boxes are now placed into the green bin.  For any cardboard that is clean and free of food, it goes into the recycling bin.

The green bin is for so much more than just garden waste.  Pamela disposes of uneaten food, certified compostable food packaging, animal waste, shredded paper, pencil shavings and even hair and nail clippings into the green bin.

Pamela had previously though that soft plastics, such pasta bags, ice cream wrappers and bubble wrap, could be thrown into the recycling bin.  After reading the tips on, she now knows that these types of plastics get tangled in the machinery at the recycling processing plant.  

Instead, Pamela bundles soft plastics together and takes them to recycling bins at the entrance to participating supermarkets.  The soft plastics will then get recycled into outdoor furniture and play equipment for parks and playgrounds

Pamela now tries to buy items in bulk or ones that use paper wrapping to avoid bringing soft plastics home.  She has also switched from cling wrap and freezer bags to reusable containers and beeswax food wraps.  

Rather than using single-use coffee pods, Pamela has taken to refillable pods instead.  Coffee grounds are 100% recyclable in the green bin.

By planning her weekly meals and recycling food scraps through the green bin, Pamela is now saving money, wasting less food and reducing both her carbon footprint and greenhouse gasses.

“My generation has had the biggest impact upon the environment.  We are really mortgaging the planet’s resources and our kids’ future because we don’t take the trouble to buy better, or buy less, or ask “which bin?”  We are simply not doing enough to address the imbalance that we are leaving behind. It’s up to us to make positive changes.” is a wealth of information.  Like Pamela, it can help you to make changes that you will be proud of and that will set a great example for your children and grandchildren.

All children deserve to inherit a healthier planet.

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