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Great Aussie Swim Parkas | Get from the pool to the car in comfort.

Apr 29, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


If swimming lessons in winter have you dreading the chilly air, soggy car seats and chlorine soaked tracky-dacks, rest assured you are not alone!

The She Shopped team work hard to find solutions for modern day parenting problems and we have outdone ourselves in discovering Great Aussie Swim Parkas.  Simply slip on your parka as you leave the pool and head straight to the car.  No need for crowded public change rooms and no soggy car seats. Winning!

Swimming lessons are an integral part of childhood safety and fitness.  Skipping instruction during the cooler months can result in a loss of skill and water confidence for young children.  With Great Aussie Swim Parkas, continuing with weekly swimming lessons in winter is a much more cosy and comfortable commitment.

From infants to adults, Great Aussie Swim Parkas can have the whole family feeling dry and warm after a swim.  Absorbent cotton towelling lines the specially designed garment for comfort whilst the long sleeves, hood and waterproof outer lining keep the chill out and car seats dry.  This machine washable garment is sure to make beach towels redundant at the swimming pool!

With prices starting at $84.95 we recommend sizing up for comfort and longevity.  The parkas are available in a range of colours and, because wet bums on seats can strike in any of the four seasons, short sleeved Summer Swim Parkas are also available.  Click here for further information on Great Aussie Swim Parkas and to shop online.

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