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Apr 4, 2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

In one of the coolest advancements in wine drinking we’ve seen in a while (and trust us, we know about drinking wine), Ghost Wines have released a frightfully good idea.

And even better than that, they’re a family owned Adelaide based wine supplier so you can feel good that you’re supporting a homemade product.

Now, back to the temperature sensitive labels, which are very cool! When the ghost turns pink, it’s ready to drink, so you know you’re enjoying quality wine at the correct drinking temperature.

Ghost Wines are regionally recognised, quality wines at the fraction of the price. Plus there’s free shipping, even if you only buy one bottle, which you probably won’t, because it’s so good you’ll stock up, like us!

The wines are low sulphur and low sugar and it’s not too bad for your health, because, for example, Moscato has a minimum of 80 grams per litre of sugar, some well-known sparklings have 14-17 grams. Ghost Wines’ sparkling has 7 grams and their Sauvignon Blanc and Rose only 2-3 grams and Shiraz just 1-0 grams. Cheers to that!

All Ghost Wines are handpicked to avoid unripe grapes and first light pressing of the grapes to avoid sour taste of grape seeds/stems and excess sugar.

Minimal sulphur is used which increases flavour and fragrance while decreasing body reactions like rashes and hangovers – what’s not to love here?

Planning a special occasion? Ghost Wines can arrange the perfect pairings for any event with your catering, venue and budget in mind.

By by-passing shopfronts and multinational companies, you are saving up to 70% on the same bottle of wine you might buy elsewhere with a different label.

Focusing on the best wine styles for the region, Ghost Wines gets the finest wines from the Adelaide Hills from barrels using quality oak instead of steel vats with oak chips chucked in.

So get your Ghost Wine and buy an excellent drop from award winning winemakers at the top of their game and rated as some of the best in the world – after all, life is too short to drink average wine!

And if you need any more reason to order from Ghost Wines (you probably don’t but here’s one more), they are community minded and donate a percentage of profits to charities, community groups and clubs.

Get your Ghost Wines online today.

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