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As a mum of three boys, I have thrown many a birthday party but there is one that takes the cake (whoops, there I go with that pun!), Games2u. When my eldest son Ed turned ten in September we wanted a high energy party that would keep all his mates entertained. I’d seen the Games2u van around but didn’t know much about it – I thought it was mostly about the Game Theatre – but boy was I wrong.


Don’t get me wrong the mobile Game Theatre is awesome – allowing up to 16 gamers to play in the state-of-art space at one time, plus an extra eight can play on the screens outside. I’m not big on video games, but even I was impressed – the laser light effects, smoke machine and amazing sound system all add to the atmosphere.


But there is a lot more to Games2u. They also bring along other activities including laser tag equipment and accessories for up to 20 people to play at once. Our backyard was swarming with kids, with gigantic smiles, playing tag. The only embarrassing part was my husband and father-in-law demanded to join in – they couldn’t supres their competitive side and between them they won every contest.


The kids also had a turn in the giant hamster balls and bumper balls. Ed’s party had a real carnival, high energy atmosphere – and it was all happening in our own home. So great! One of the things I loved about the party is how well organised it was. Con our Games2u party host was excellent. I kept asking him if there was anything I could do, but nope he had it all covered. Easiest party ever!


I also like the thoughtful touches – like the T-Shirt Cannon, which shoots a Games2u T-Shirt into the air (for the birthday boy or girl), laced with lolly shrapnel. It had the kids scrambling for the lollies. We also received a group photo which was captured and printed live at the party.


We loved having our Games2u party at home, but if you are worried about space, you can hold it at a local park. One thing I would say is if you have a Games2u party, don’t over cater – Ed’s party guests barely stopped to eat! And if you are wondering, like I did, if ‘big kids’ book Games2u parties, they sure do – it really is fun for every age group. Games2u also accommodate other event types like fetes, fundraisers and corporate team building.


The Wrap Up

Games2u – we bring the fun

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