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Jun 13, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

You might have noticed, your favourite FruChocs have frocked up and gotten a brand new look!

That’s because Menz have updated their FruChocs packaging, refreshing our all time favourite lollies from South Australia’s largest confectioner.

Video: Watch the making of FruChocs


The eye-catching new packaging has revitalised the brands’ signature apricot colour; also, the logo has had a bit of a makeover and the packaging is now clearly marked that all products are proudly Gluten Free.

Robern Menz’s delicious goodies also now have a brand new tagline: Delightfully Unexpected.

Delightful indeed, family owned Robern Menz conducted research by asking their loyal customers, as well as new ones, what FruChocs were all about and the result was unexpected.

“We were interested to know if our current packaging was grabbing the attention it deserves, and whether new customers, especially those interstate, knew exactly what FruChocs had to offer,” explains Philip Sims, Robern Menz CEO.

“To understand this, we invested heavily in research around how people perceived FruChocs, and were surprised to understand that many people didn’t know exactly what the product was based off our packaging. One message we also kept getting was that the taste was unexpected, but delightful, leading us to our new packaging tag line – Delightfully Unexpected.”

And not only is the new packaging a new look, but the tasty treats are now in stand-up pouches, making them more convenient for sweet tooth candy fans.

But don’t worry, none of our favourite snacks have changed their flavour; FruChocs, Crown Mints and Choc Honeycomb are all staying exactly the same on the inside, it’s only the outside packaging that’s different.

Video: Watch the making of Menz Choc Honeycomb


“We’ve been using the same FruChocs recipe for 69 years,” Phil assures. “We will not be altering that at all.”

You can purchase Robern Menz products in store from any one of the three South Australian FruChoc stores, as well as supermarkets across the state who stock the range, and online via the Robern Menz website.

Video: Watch the making of Menz Crown Mints

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