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Fly Tot ~ An inflatable cushion that will change the way you fly with children!

The Fly Tot is an inflatable cushion that allows your little ones to to lay down flat on a regular economy or premium economy seat.  It comes with its own foot pump, inflating in under three minutes and deflating in seconds.  Simply place the Fly Tot at the foot of your child’s seat when you are at cruising altitude and pump it up!  It is also super easy to clean with a damp cloth.  Your children can still wear their seatbelt whilst lying flat on the Fly Tot, and it even fits when the passenger in front reclines their seat!

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Created by Winnie and Kate, two globe-trotting mamas who met in San Francisco, the Fly Tot was born from plenty of travel experience with small children.  These clever and creative ladies set about devising a solution that allows children to get proper sleep, whilst safely buckled up, without the discomfort of lying across your lap.  The Fly Tot is made with highly durable material, and the recyclable packaging aims to reduce waste.  It weighs only 1.05kg, with the pump coming in at a measly 350g.

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This writer wants to know, dear reader, why she wasn’t aware of this glorious device when flying to London with a toddler a few years ago.  Said toddler was as well behaved as one could hope, but the experience still plumbed the depths of hellishness that one does not wish to repeat ever, ever again.  For those of you who have yet to travel long haul with children, let me tell you something –  when you board that plane there will be no ‘me’ time.  No leisurely application of hand cream and facial misters, no watching trashy rom coms or perusing your kindle.  Those days are O-VAH!  Totally over.  When you are not feeding, cleaning, changing and entertaining your cherubs, you will be slept upon for six / eleven / twenty three hours.  Unless, of course, you bring the Fly Tot into the mix.  It will make an enormous difference to your journey, allowing your child to be comfortable and safe, whilst you get to relax.  It’s a great incentive to book flights that coincide with your child’s nap and night times.

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We wholeheartedly recommend the Fly Tot, even if you plan on only taking one or two big trips with your children whilst they are little.  Finding yourself a few hours into a very long flight, situated somewhere over the Indian or Pacific Ocean, is no place for regrets!

The Wrap Up

Fly Tot – Travel better Jetsetter!

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