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The fertility question you’ve been asking.

Jul 1, 2018 | Reading Time: < 1 minutes

For most, a pregnancy can occur naturally within around 12 months of trying to conceive. However, for 20 percent of couples, a pregnancy does not occur or they miscarry.


Repromed understand that trying to fall pregnant can be an emotional and often overwhelming journey. Their experts will do everything they can to minimise the stress you and or your partner may be experiencing.

If you have decided to make 2018 the year that you fall pregnant, you may be feeling anxious that we’re half way into the year.

So Repromed want you to know, it’s okay, and they’re here for you.

Not all consultations with Repromed lead to IVF, you might simply require an Ovulation Tracking Cycle to help you time your special cuddles correctly.

Another great step is booking a Fertility Health Check at Repromed, which will help you with understanding you and your partner’s fertility.

A Fertility Health Check involves;

  • Blood test for the female partner to check their AMH Level
  • A semen analysis for the male partner
  • And a 45 minute consult with a Repromed Fertility Specialist
  • In South Australia this costs $98 for an individual or $170 per couple

Once you understand your fertility status, this knowledge can help guide you in deciding on planning your next steps towards conceiving.

To book a Fertility Health Check, or to speak to one of their friendly staff about how they can help you, visit



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