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May 14, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Just as you enjoy getting a new outfit or a makeover, your house also needs attention and a bit of TLC every now and then.

And who better to spruce up your Adelaide home, or help with your new build selections, but a South Aussie family business with passion, knowledge and experience?

Betta Blinds have been family owned and operated for 50 years, so they know South Australia and how to give your home the best.

By giving your home new blinds, shutters, awnings with or without motorisation, you’ll be freshening your home’s look and increasing its value and security. Having any of these home improvements installed by Betta Blinds, you know you’re getting quality products that are set to last, and install and service from a reliable, local business.

Betta Blinds aren’t just about manual blinds and window treatments; they have a wide range of products to improve your home. Here are some of the products that customers are loving. As are we!

The Folding Arm Awning comes in made to measure motorised and manual options and will shade your outdoor living area so you can relax or entertain alfresco.

Popular with young families wanting to protect a large space from harsh rays, the Folding Arm Awning spans areas up to 7 metres by 4 metres projection in a single awning.

Business owner Martin has the awning at home over his pool and he loves the protection it gives his four kids from the sun and elements. Sunscreen application every 20 minutes in summer be gone.

The Whisper Cellular comes in a range of operating systems and a wide range of colours and opacities.

With no visible seams, cords or cord holds, the durable, translucent, block-out and sheer fabrics provide the ultimate in privacy and light control.

The fabric is dust resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain, and there is an option for automation with smart motion so you can control all windows with a simple touch of a button. Yes please.

She Shopped’s Zoe has the Ziptrak Range at home and she loves them!

The Ziptrak instantly creates a brand new space in your home, ready to entertain family and friends.

Your home will be protected from the elements all year round, keeping the space warm and dry in winter while still being able to entertain outdoors.

Zoe says you can feel a difference in the air; as soon as the blinds are up, the cool air enters, and in summer, it provides an escape from the harsh sun, keeping the area cooler.

So for quality products and installation from a highly skilled, South Australian team, get in touch with Betta Blinds today.

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