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Nov 3, 2015 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

With so much talk of feather touch tattooing, we decided to send our social media manager, Kathryn, into try it for herself. Here she shares her experience.

Eyebrows aren’t meant to perfectly symmetrical. After all they’re sisters, not twins.

This little pearl of wisdom came from my visit to Brows by Madeline Kate last week. I laughed out loud, as I know I have always had a favourite. My left one, naturally.

Like all fashion, beauty trends come and go, but in 2015 eyebrows could not be hotter. Hashtag #eyebrowsonpoint and you will be flooded with sculpted, pruned and perfectly shaped brows… we are in the midst of an eyebrow movement, and I want in!

After years of tweezing and waxing, filling in gaps with a pencil and trying to tame my uneven set, I called in professional help.

Madeline of ‘Brows By Madeline Kate’ is a trained derma clinician and cosmetic tattooist with an obvious passion for eyebrows. You need only to take a look at her client gallery of before and afters to appreciate her work. From the over plucked, lopsided to non-existent, her ability to bring balance and symmetry is a genuine art form. This girl is a genius.*

For those of us not genetically blessed with the power of a good pair, Feather-Touch tattoo is a solution you will love.

Unlike a normal tattoo, Feather-touch tattoo is a semi-permanent option for those constantly filling in misshapen brows. It’s a technique that will create symmetry, gives you 24 hour beauty, is water proof and will save you a lot of time in the morning playing ‘fill in the gaps’.

The procedure takes roughly 3 hours which includes a comprehensive consultation, covering shape, tone and safety. Using stencils and measuring tools, shape is outlined, and the appropriate colour is chosen to complement natural brow line, skin and hair tones. Your input, opinion and satisfaction continually confirmed.


Stencils are used for precision

Numbing cream is used so tattooing is comfortable and pain free. The tiny metal hand tool has a cluster of fine needles which creates life like hair strokes that will soften over time. The brush strokes faintly scratch the skin and the pigment is added. A further numbing cream is applied and another round begins. I needed 3 rounds, with a tiny touch up at the end, by obvious perfectionist Madeline.

Action shot

Madeline at work

The pigment will darken as it oxidises for the first few days.
You may feel slightly self-conscious, and get a few odd glances in the first 24 hours, but never fear, it will be short lived. The colour will soften and fade in the first 4 weeks, so trust in the process.

Like all cosmetic procedures, after care is extremely important. Keep your new favourite features out of the elements for a couple of days whilst they heal. Barrier and hydrating cream are recommended and you will be educated on the do’s and don’ts for the next few weeks.

Before and after

In four weeks’ time, I’m due back for my touch up. Additional hair stokes can be added should pigment be needed, and any gaps filled in.
Feather-Touch tattooing will generally last 12 – 24 months depending on the individual, with touch ups advised every 9 months.

Costs will vary between clinician, but can I advise this is not the time to be frugal. You generally get what you pay for. The cost was $550 which included the consultation, tattooing and my 4 week touch up.

I’ll keep you informed on the progress, and can’t wait to unveil my perfectly healed brows in a couple of weeks. Now someone pass me a mirror!

*Not only is Madeline a genius, she also volunteers her tattooing skills to The Sunshine hospital by offering free areola tattoos to breast cancer survivors. What a legend!

The Wrap Up

Feather Touch Tattoo Eyebrows by Madeline Kate

Visit the Brows by Madeline Kate website here

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