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Dec 2, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

In partnership with Marks & Spencer.

One thing you’ll always find at my place is a present cupboard. With three school aged boys, not many weekends pass before one of them is off to a birthday party. You wouldn’t believe how satisfying it is to be able to dive in to my present cupboard at the last minute and surface with the perfect gift for the birthday child.

Of course Christmas calls for an entirely new level of present cupboard stock, to cater for all the drop-ins who unexpectedly come bearing gifts. Let me show you how to stock the perfect present cupboard – it will save you time and face!

First things first, let’s get the most important ‘people’ out of the way – dogs. There is nothing worse when a friend visits at Christmas time, pooch in tow and you have nothing to gift them. Gasp! Avoid this unthinkable level of embarrassment by stacking your cupboard with plenty of adorable toys. I’ve chosen a Flying Pheasant, a Noisy Pig and a Toy Trophy – because you know choice is important.

For the neighbour who comes bearing freshly baked Christmas gingerbread, tenderly wrapped with a billowing bow, set aside a Ladies Emergency Kit. We know even the most carefully considered days can go awry and she’ll think of you every time she accesses it. Another option is a His & Hers 2018 Organiser – chances are if she has time to deliver freshly baked goods in the heart of the festive season she doesn’t need much help in the organisation department – but perhaps her other half does?

Everyone has a prankster in their lives and they’ll think it’s a gotcha moment when you are able to gift them with a novelty present upon their unexpected visit. How everyone will laugh when the trickster jokes that the Desk Bell will need a service in 3 months from overuse.

Nothing says “I’ve got my life together” like having a gift on hand for a long lost uncle who decides to surface on Christmas day. Pop a pack of Cool & Freshfeet™ Socks in the present cupboard and maybe a Modal Rich Textured Polo Shirt just in case you are blessed twice over with an unexpected guest of this delightful nature.

Present Cupboard

Finally add something you never expect to have to call on because you just can’t possibly imagine who in your life you would gift it to. I’ve chosen a Kids’ Unicorn Dress Up and I know just by Christmas magic, the perfect little girl will somehow appear in my life over Christmas and the smile on her face when she receives it will remind me that having a present cupboard is more than worth it. Merry Christmas.

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