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Mar 30, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Model, blogger and She Shopped Beauty Influencer, Jamie Reilly recently road tested the Esse Probiotic skincare range.

As a lifestyle and fashion blogger, Jamie knows beauty products, and she is very particular about the skin care she chooses to use. Esse is probiotic, certified organic and cruelty-free which are qualities that are very important to Jamie, so our road test had already started positively!

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Jamie’s skin concerns

“My skin concerns are dryness, ageing around the eyes and slight pigmentation,” Jamie said. So she tried the Esse Gel Cleanser, Cocoa Exfoliator, Toner Plus, Eye and Lip Cream, Probiotic Serum and the Deep Moisturiser.

The Esse Skincare Regime

Watch Jamie’s review of the range


Jamie trialled the Esse products for two weeks in the following beauty routine:

  • First she applied the Esse Gel Cleanser in circular motions around the face, which takes off any makeup and leaves the skin feel super soft. Made with peppermint and spearmint oils, the Gel Cleaner is refreshing, and improves micro-circulation to aid in the elimination of toxins.
  • Once a week Jamie used the Esse Cocoa Exfoliator. Rich in cocoa, the exfoliator contains tiny rough particles which are massaged into dry skin then rinsed with warm water leaving the skin feeling beautiful. Jamie loved this product. She was reluctant to try it at first because of its colour and texture, but was incredibly impressed with how it worked by removing dead skin and impurities, improving blood circulation and complexion.
  • After cleansing, and when the skin face is completely dry, Jamie spritzed Esse Toner Plus onto her face and gently patted the area until all traces of moisture were gone. This practice revitalises, protects, and improves skin texture. You can also spritz the toner on your face to freshen up your makeup throughout the day, which Jamie absolutely loved.
  • Next, Jamie applied her Esse Eye and Lip Cream. One of her favourite products in the range, our Influencer thought the Eye and Lip Cream was a great multipurpose product which really made a positive difference to her skin. She just massaged a small amount around her eyes and lips and recommends applying it twice daily before moisturising.
  • The Esse Probiotic Serum was one of Jamie’s absolute favourite products in the Esse skincare range. It left her skin feeling so smooth. She recommends applying a small amount once daily before moisturising; press it into the skin, and it leaves that natural glow everyone is after! Jamie particularly loved how the serum felt on her face and that it smelled amazing too. The serum is the world’s first live probiotic serum, and the pinnacle of Esse’s BIOME+ technology. Once the serum makes contact with the face, one billion live probiotics per millilitre are activated by the moisture on your skin. This then complements your natural microbial diversity and helps to slow the ageing process.
  • The final step in the Esse beauty routine is the Esse Deep Moisturiser. Jamie says it’s great for hydration and dry skin. Her advice when applying this moisturiser, is to go in an outwards motion. This helps with fine lines and leaves the skin feeling smooth. Jamie’s pro tip when using her favourite Esse Probiotic Serum is to always follow it with an Esse moisturiser, which activates the microbes in the skin care, leaving your skin feeling soft and slowing the ageing process.

Esse Skincare

The results of the Esse Probiotic Skin Care road test??

Having trialled the products for over two weeks, Jamie was really impressed with the range and the improvement to her skin.

“I’ve really seen a difference in my skin,” she said. “My overall complexion has improved, the hydration is back, and my lips feel very soft due to the multipurpose eye and lip cream that I’ve been using.”

Dedicated to skin health, Esse has a range of products that are kind to your skin, and also kind to the environment and animals. Some of the benefits of using skin probiotics are improved hydration, reduced sensitivity, repaired barrier function and slowing the ageing process.  Their products are designed to nourish and enhance the natural beauty of your skin and they get She Shopped Beauty Influencer Jamie Reilly’s tick of approval.


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