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Dominant Home – Keep it clean, keep it green!

Dominant Home is a 100% Australian made and family owned company, offering a range of world class cleaning products that you can use in your home with confidence.  Dominant Home prides themselves on creating economical, high quality and ethical cleaning products for your laundry, kitchen, bathroom, general home and personal care.  Their products are highly concentrated, providing you with outstanding value for money.

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Dominant Home’s team of chemists are constantly researching and developing their products to ensure effectiveness and safety, with no animal testing.  Each Dominant Home product that bears the Earth Care symbol equals or exceeds the world’s most stringent environmental standards, containing no phosphates or formaldehyde, and they biodegrade rapidly.  Packaging waste is minimalised through the use of refillable containers and recyclable materials.  The range of products are safe for use in the garden and with septic systems, and Dominant Home is committed to child safety by using non-toxic ingredients and adding a bitter taste to help prevent ingestion by youngsters!

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Dominant Home All Purpose Cleaner

Dominant Home All Purpose Cleaner is gentle to your surfaces yet powerful on grease, All Purpose Cleaner removes grease and grime effortlessly.  It is a no-rinse cleaner, with a fresh lavender and eucalyptus fragrance, that is suitable for floors, bench tops, fridges, basins, chimneys, flues, walls and more.  A 1L bottle of All Purpose Cleaner makes 50 x 500ml trigger spray bottles, offering a staggeringly economical price of 34c per bottle.  By comparison, the supermarket leader comes in at $4.30 for the same volume!  Your savings per 500ml:  $3.96

Pair with Dominant Home’s Happi Microfibre Cloths and Trigger Bottle.

Dominant Home Dishwashing Powder

Dominant Home Dishwashing Powder is a  highly concentrated, quality dishwasher powder that leaves your dishes sparkling.  Using just 1 – 2 teaspoons per wash, the mild lemon fragrance Dishwashing Powder has lower alkalinity than conventional powders.  It is gentle on fine china and glassware, but powerful on baked on food deposits.  A 1kg bottle of Dominant Home’s Dishwashing Powder offers 125 washes at 13c each.  By comparison, the supermarket leader’s 1kg box contains just 50 washes at 29c each.  Your savings per 1kg:  $8.00

Pair with Dominant Home’s Dishwasher Descaler and Rinse Aid.

Booster & Soak Oxygen Bleach

Booster & Soak Oxygen Bleach – This best selling Booster & Soak is an all round laundry wonder.  Use as a soaker or add to the wash for an added stain removal boost that whitens and brightens.  It is fragrance free, colour safe and suitable for use in both top and front loaders.  A 2kg bucket of Dominant Home’s Booster and Soak offers 100 uses at 31c each.  By comparison, the supermarket leader’s 2kg bucket contains just 33 washes at 51c per use.  Your savings per 2kg:  $20.00

So, it’s time to consider your own cleaning product habits.  Are you stuck in a rut, buying the same old supermarket leaders out of habit and convenience?  It’s time to make the switch to the Dominant Home range of household products for value for money, high quality cleaning and safety!  Dominant Home offers a 60 day satisfaction guarantee for replacement of product, credit towards the purchase of another Dominant product, or a full refund.


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