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May 2, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Winter is coming, so it’s time to start doing all the things we love about cooler weather: wearing knits and boots, and drinking red wine.

Ghost Wines have a theory that life is too short to drink average wine, and we quite agree.

In fact, their new 2014 Clare Reserve Shiraz is so good, you can try a single bottle with free shipping for $22 a bottle or $108 a 6 pack! ($18 a bottle).  Also, it’s vegan friendly.



Ghost Wines only source the most exceptional wine from Australia’s best wineries and offer them at an affordable price.

They protect the suppliers’ names, hence the name ‘Ghost Wines’, and they pass the savings and delicious wine on to you.

The Clare Valley winemaker this particular red is from is rated by Halliday as a 5 star winemaker, which means they are in the top 3.6% of all winemakers in Australia. It received a 95 rating from Halliday and retails at over $30 a bottle at the cellar door.

So at $22 a bottle or $18 if you buy 6 for a 5 star bottle of red, you’re looking at a fabulous bargain and a very nice evening of drinking, possibly in front of a roaring fireplace (or heater).

Inky crimson red in colour, this Shiraz is basket pressed and aged for 18 months in new and seasoned French oak, but it’s not overly oaky so you can drink with food or without.

You’ll also be interested to know that because it is un-fined and un-filtered, it is vegan friendly and has increased fragrance and taste.

And for those who are sensitive, you can rest/drink easy knowing there are low sulphates used, which helps with harmful reactions to your body without losing that wonderful red wine aroma that we all love.

So jump online and order a case or two of this gorgeous wine – one for now and some for later, because it has cellaring potential for at least 12- 15 years. But we suspect it won’t last that long BUY THIS AMAZING SHIRAZ NOW

And as always with Ghost Wines, they come with a temperature sensitive label so with the chilled wines, if it’s pink, it’s ready to drink! Of course, you should drink reds at 15-16 degrees Celsius, so you’ll just have to buy a couple of whites at the same time to experience the cool label.


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