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Cord Blood Storage: An investment in your child’s health and future.

Apr 10, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


We feel pretty strongly about blood cord storage, which is why we take any opportunity to talk about it.

With the Parents, Babies and Children’s Expo coming up this weekend, it’s a good reminder that blood cord banking is available.

Collecting and storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood is an insurance policy of sorts.

With the advancements of cord blood therapy, stored cord blood stem cells are currently used in the treatment of over 80 conditions, and can possibly be used in the treatment of various neurological disorders (ie, autism & cerebral palsy).

Cell Care is a world leading cord blood and tissue bank and they will be available at the PBC Expo this weekend to talk you through the existing and potential benefits of cord blood stem cells stored at birth.

Enter to win a 25 year cord blood and tissue storage.

A case study out of Cell Care’s Canadian subsidiary Insception shows remarkable results, which the team are keen to share on the weekend.

Young Phallon was the first Canadian to participate in a trial investigating cord blood in the treatment of various neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy.

The Duke University clinical trial in the USA received FDA approval in 2018 to allow expanded access to families wanting to use cord blood therapy for children with neurological conditions.

Mother Lizanne stored her daughter Phallon’s cord blood with the Cell Care group.

Before she turned one, Phallon was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has now been treated using the cord blood her mother stored and, according to Lizanne, the cord blood therapy has improved her daughter’s quality of life.

Lizanne shared that, “after the treatment at Duke, Phallon began making significant and accelerated progress and a change was clearly noticeable.”

This is an exciting development in cord blood science and Cell Care has now made it even easier to access with the Adelaide Expo storage upgrade offer. If you enrol to store your baby’s stem cells with Cell Care during the expo for 18 years, they will upgrade your storage to 25 years, valued up to $500!

By visiting the Cell Care stand (H12) at the Parents, Babies and Children’s expo, you can chat with the team about the options available to you.

There is also an opportunity to enter Cell Care’s competition to win a 25 year cord blood and tissue storage.

So when you visit the PBC Expo this weekend, drop by to see Cell Care and find out about the advancements in stem cell storage technology and how you can invest in your baby’s health and future.

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