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Class A Jewellers | Remodelling rings to match you and your style.

Apr 3, 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Class A Jewellers, a family-owned business, is South Australia’s engagement ring specialist, offering custom designs, manufacturing and remodelling.  Their expert knowledge and craftsmanship, caring customer service and their stunning ring bench makes for a special experience.

Inspired by Lucy’s ring remodelling in 2016, Kellie decided to take the plunge and have her own engagement and wedding rings redesigned by Class A Jewellers.  Thirteen years have passed since Kellie said “YES!” to Andrew. Although Kellie still loved her rings, she felt that they had become dated and they no longer fit comfortably on her finger.  It also bothered her that her rings did not sit flush against one another. In recent years, the rings sat in her jewellery box, waiting for the expert touch from Class A Jewellers.

Kellie met with Class A Jewellers’ designer, Daniel Beecken, to discuss remodelling the rings, and adding an eternity band for good measure.  “Immediately I knew that I was in good hands. Daniel was very patient as we chatted about the various options available. I didn’t want to stray too far from the original design, but wanted to give the rings a rejuvenated look.”  

Daniel helped Kellie to select a design that would best showcase her diamonds.  Kellie was able to try on a similar ring from Class A Jewellers’ interactive ring bench, helping her to feel confident in her decision.  

The remodelling process took only four weeks, with a second consultation mid-way.  It was at this time that Daniel gave Kellie resin models of her remodelled rings. She was also able to view detailed 3D images of her rings on Daniel’s computer.  This gave Kellie an effective and exciting way to see how the finished product would look.

Kellie was overjoyed with the final ring reveal!  “I am absolutely delighted with my remodelled rings and cannot stop looking at them; it reminds me of when I was newly engaged.”

Class A Jewellers can remodel and redesign a wide variety of antique and contemporary jewellery.  If your favourite pieces are looking worn or dated, if they no longer fit, or if you would like to simplify several items into one, then you can have the experts create something new that is both dear to your heart and in keeping with your personal style.

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