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Choose SA and support local South Australian businesses.

Jun 27, 2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Did you know that if you spent just $2.30 extra every week on local food and beverage, you could create up to 600 extra jobs in this state?

Cook and Caterer, Bree May from Food According to Bree is from Adelaide’s south and is dedicated to buying local to keep jobs in SA.

“We’ve all got the power to make a difference in our state. Look out for the state brand and Choose SA,” she says. “Use the I Choose SA online business directory to be sure you’re choosing local businesses and supporting jobs in our state.”

Bree took us on a tour of her neighbourhood, starting in Happy Valley, to visit businesses who are keeping it local and choosing SA.


“Paragon Fitness Centre is a real hub in the community. They have over 2000 members but you can always get into a class,” she says. “They’ve got flexible membership levels and look to their member’s businesses first when choosing local products and services.”

Membership Consultant Sonya Stodley says, “We’re all about South Australia here at Paragon Fitness. We employ 13 staff members, seven personal trainers and over 18 group fitness instructors. But more than that, we also have over 2000 members, a lot of which have their own businesses, so if there’s anything we’re looking for, like plumbers or gardeners or electricians, we like to go to our members and we’re always looking for local business.”

Now that’s keeping it local!

Next stop, Bree visited her local shopping centre, The Hub at Aberfoyle Park where The Hub Fruit Bowl has been in business for 25 years.

Employing eight South Aussies and opting to stock local products, owner John Peresano is committed to choose SA.

“We like to support the local suppliers and one of our major ones is Murphy’s Crossing Free Range Eggs,” John says. “We stock a lot of Aberfoyle Park honey. We have the Kangaroo Island honey and fig syrup as well as GC’s pickled onions and Garlic Secrets, from Flagstaff Hill.”

Also stocking local products such as G-Fresh herbs, spice and seasonings and Fleurieu Milk Company, The Hub Fruit Bowl proudly supports South Australian brands.

As a caterer, quality is very important to Bree and she reckons the Hub Gourmet Butcher owned by John Preston is up there with the very best.

“These guys have been here for 30 years. They smoke all their own smallgoods and make the best kranskies,” she says.

John Preston chooses SA and is very passionate about what he does.

“We source all our beef locally from Willunga. All our lamb, pork and everything is all from South Australia. We love what we do and we want you to come back,” he says.

By buying local, you are giving SA businesses the opportunity to thrive and we all benefit from that.

“If you choose SA, you’re choosing to support jobs in our state,” Bree says.

Check out the online business directory at at look for the State Brand on store to support jobs in our state.






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