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Childhood fractures | Waterproof and comfortable modern casting.

Dec 21, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


“Almost every child will have some sort of fracture or break during their childhood years as part of their natural exuberant behaviour and risk-taking,” explains Associate Professor Peter Cundy, Orthopaedic Surgeon.  

With increased outdoor play during the warmer months, the likelihood of experiencing a fracture is higher.

Thankfully, most fractures are minor.  The injury can be immobilised with a cast until it is healed. 

Unlike the bulky and heavy plaster of Paris casts of old, modern casts are made of a lightweight and breathable synthetic material, available in a range of colours and patterns.

Associate Professor Peter Cundy says, “These days we can make the whole experience much more user friendly with waterproof casts so your child can shower, swim and totally immerse the cast. This has been extraordinarily useful and stops the problems of casts getting wet and needing to be changed or falling apart.”

The cast can be applied and removed by highly trained and experienced nurses, who are focussed on making the process as low stress as possible for the child. 

For some children, surgery will be required as part of the fracture treatment.

“Thankfully, most of these can be achieved by what we call a closed reduction, where we simply push the bone straight and then put a cast on.  Very occasionally, internal fixation with small wires or a plate and screw can be required, but that is in the minority,” explains Associate Professor Peter Cundy.

Orthopaedics SA provide a Children’s Private Fracture Clinic as a private alternative for the treatment of children with fractures. Their team of specialist orthopaedic surgeons can access your child’s imaging remotely. If required, they will fit your child with a modern, waterproof cast at their private rooms, avoiding the need to visit an emergency department. Priority appointments are available for fracture patients, please call 8267 8267 or visit

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