Sep 5, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’m a giver so consequently I love to send gifts! I take full advantage of the traditional celebratory occasions like birthdays and new baby arrivals but I also like to send tokens of thanks to my corporate clients and sometimes I just like to send presents to friends…because! So as you can imagine it was a very good day when I discovered Bundle + Twine – a pre-designed and design-your-own curated gift box service.

I think I first came across Bundle + Twine around 12 months ago, when dear friends of ours welcomed their first baby into the world, Oscar. I stumbled across the gifting service on social media and figured this was the perfect opportunity to test it out.

I was absolutely delighted by the fact that I could assemble my own gift box…or rely on the recommendation of Bundle + Twine and go for one of their pre-designed options. I like to be quite personalised with my gifting so I went through the selections and clicked my way to the most perfect gift box for a newborn…and a little something for his mum.

So far so good! But I have sent gifts with other services before and not been completely happy with the presentation. No such issues with Bundle + Twine. My friend sent me a series of images of the gift I had sent her (despite being in a newborn, sleep deprived haze!) and it was clear to see everything from the products to the packaging was exceptional. My friend was truly charmed by the gift, which made me one very happy giver.

And so I became a Bundle + Twine addict! It’s now my go to for gifting and I find myself relying on the service over and over again. I even used it to send a corporate thank you gift to one of Australia’s biggest names in media. It was no easy feat buying for this person, firstly he’s a he and secondly he has very discerning taste. But thanks to Bundle + Twine I managed to seriously impress with a gift box that spoke of polished professionalism and heartfelt thanks. This gift went over the boarder to Victoria, so in case you were wondering you can send a Bundle + Twine anywhere in Australia.

Next on my ‘to try’ list with Bundle + Twine is their personalised gift box service which allows the sender to place an individual name on the front. You can order these as a stand-alone item (ideal for a bride wanting something special for her maids!) or fill them with delicious items from the Bundle + Twine store.

So now the secret is out! Go forth and gift with Bundle + Twine – spoil your most treasured or even send a little something fabulous to yourself. Visit the website here

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