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May 10, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can endure and it can also get very expensive.

Not to mention careless or unreliable movers having responsibility for your household contents, memories and precious cargo.

So doing it yourself might just be the answer to relieving that stress and making your move a far more pleasurable experience – it could even be fun!

In fact, She Shopped’s Lucy and Zoe know how to get you moving by hiring with Budget Car and Truck Rentals.


Moving yourself is easy and affordable with Budget. They’ve got a moving van or truck to suit the size of your household and your budget.

And if you’re thinking you need a special licence to DIY your house move, think again. You only need your regular car licence!

Budget’s rental trucks and vans are fully equipped with handy features like a hydraulic lift to help you with the heavy stuff.

A hot tip for moving from Zoe and Lucy is, if you move mid week, you can get half price rentals from Monday to Thursday!

So grab some reinforced packing boxes, bubble wrap, tape, rope and a trolley, which of course Budget can supply.

Taking charge of your own move will save you money, protect your precious belongings and give you a winning sense of satisfaction.

Saving money on removals also means you can spend a little extra on decorating your new home.

Get a great rate on your moving truck or van by getting in touch with Budget Rentals in Adelaide at six convenient locations: Salisbury, Reynella, Marleston, Wingfield, City and Airport.

Budget are your one stop moving shop, saving you time, money and stress by supplying the vehicle, reinforced packing boxes, bubble pack, tape, rope and trolleys. What could be easier than that?

Come on sisters, get moving and do it for yourself with Budget.


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