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You can’t deny it, a breast screen can save your life. It can also save the life of your mum, aunt, friends, sisters and any of the women you love.

“With around 1 in 10 South Australian women developing breast cancer before the age of 75 (and 9 in 10 having no family history of the disease), early detection can maximise the options for simpler treatments and more successful outcomes.” – BreastScreen SA

She Shopped Founder Lucy Cornes knows all too well about the impact breast cancer can have on a family and how important it is to have tests.

Lucy’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 39 years of age, so she is very passionate about urging all the women in her life to have a free screen with BreastScreen SA.

In fact Lucy says it’s all of our responsibility to urge our mothers, sisters and friends to have a breast screen.

Video: Watch Lucy talk about the importance of breast screening here.

For women who are under 40, breast screening is not effective, but it is essential to be breast aware, and to see your doctor if you notice any changes in your breast.

At the same time, it’s important to take care of the sisterhood, which means reminding (read: nagging) the women in your life to be breast aware and if they’re over 40, to have a free breast screen with BreastScreen SA.

When you have a screen with BreastScreen SA, you don’t need a doctor’s referral, you just call them up and make an appointment. It is that easy. So, there’s really no excuse!

A 2008 research study found that SA women aged 50 to 69 who had a breast screen at the recommended interval of every two years had a 41% less chance of dying from breast cancer than those who didn’t participate regularly.

And if you think those statistics don’t apply to you or your loved ones, think again.

Remember that statistic above from BreastScreen SA: 9 in 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease.

Just because your breasts look and feel fine, doesn’t mean they are.

If you are worried the screen will be painful, the truth is it’s a little uncomfortable for some women, but it’s better than the alternative.

And if you think you haven’t got the time, a breast screen takes as little as 10 minutes, think of the time you will have if an early diagnosis saves your life.

We don’t mean to be too hard on you, but this is serious business. We need to look after each other.

Together we can help BreastScreen SA overcome their biggest challenge of getting more eligible women to have a breast screen. At the moment, only 1 in 2 do.

It’s time to slow down and put your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your mother, your sister, family and friends first.

Spread the word about breast screening. It’s completely free and you don’t need a referral.

Join BreastScreen SA’s Circle of Friends and encourage your family and friends to make an appointment by calling 13 20 50 today.

You could potentially save the life of a loved one.



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