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Oct 19, 2015 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

PJs all day! ‘In my dreams!’ I hear you say. Well dream no more, because bracewell + lounge, is a clothing brand so comfortable and yet so stylish, that it’s ideal for wearing in the bedroom and on the beach. It even looks good (and feels amazing) on the school run!

Bracewell + lounge is an emerging Australian label, designed in Queensland and manufactured in Sydney, from 100% cotton (organic where possible). The brand is designed on pillars of luxury, comfort, fun and style. This is a label that understands a woman’s affection for relaxation, wearability and looking good.

Weekend Shorts & Tee in Organic Grey

The quintessential bracewell + lounge fit is slouchy, giving the wearer the feeling of ‘holiday mode’. Slip into your bracewell and you’ll be ready for sleeping, reading, walking, hiking, yoga, drinking coffee (or wine!), eating cheese (or chocolate!), lying in a hammock, chasing the kids, walking the dog, travelling, watching bad (but good) reality TV, and hanging at the beach.

Beach Shorts Limited Edition Navy Stripe

Bracewell + lounge roots are firmly entrenched in Tannum Sands, Queensland, but their support extends country-wide, with operations across design, manufacturing, label printing and packaging, 100% sourced from fellow Australian businesses.

Weekend Shorts Limited Edition Ruby Stripe

Now that you’ve discovered bracewell, the search for a label that embraces your approach to life; comfort, style, fun, and a little bit cheeky, is over.

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