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Book a home cleaner in 60 seconds | Police-checked and reliable.

Dec 18, 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

UrbanYou offers the easiest way to book reliable household help, as discovered by She Shopped founder Lucy Cornes.

Being time poor is a common symptom of modern-life and it’s having a definite impact on people across the world – I was one of them!  2018 was threatening to engulf me.  I have devastatingly had to navigate (and continue to) the loss of my brother after a long illness whilst still managing my day to day which involves running my own business and raising my three boys (my trio of dogs are kinda needy too!).  I was living with a constant sense of overwhelm and frustration that my-to-do-list was never ticked off…ever!

Each day I was waking up thinking “there has to be more to life than this,” so I decided to look at where I was spending my time and identify what I could outsource.  I basically conducted an audit on how I was spending the hours in my own life.

I didn’t want to outsource raising my boys, or running my business, I couldn’t deploy someone else to exercise for me (unfortunately) and damn it I wanted the odd date night with my husband.  But cleaning my house was a task where I thought I’d really appreciate the help.

I was finding that I barely had time to complete my weekly house clean and I had grown to resent it – but if my house wasn’t clean it made me feel stressed and anxious.  After making the decision to outsource, I thought it would be easy to find help – but I wasn’t certain the people I was letting into my home were reliable and trustworthy.

After discussing my concerns, a friend told me about UrbanYou and I jumped online to discover they offer a seamless sixty-second booking process.  I can book a service professional who is insured and police-checked to come and clean my house on demand.

All you do is select the date and time you want your professional to show up, your booking will be confirmed through a safe, electronic payment system and then your fully-equipped professional will arrive at your home ready to get the job done right!

So, if you’re tired of cleaners who aren’t screened, you can use the on-demand UrbanYou service where you’ll be matched in real time with a verified professional.  And if outsourcing makes you feel guilty in anyway, stop right now.  You deserve to be spending your time in a way that best serves you.

Now I leave my cleaning to the UrbanYou professionals, which allows me to better manage work, family and my mental health – and I’m so in love with returning home to a sparkling house.  Book a service professional now by visiting or downloading the UrbanYou app.  Use discount code “Lucy30” for $30 off your first service.

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