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Bluethumb – Uncover Australian Art

Bluethumb is Australia’s largest authentic online art marketplace uncovering Australian artwork. Bluethumb’s platform is easy to use, whether you’re an artist or a buyer.You can shop through collections curated by the Bluethumb team, or you can browse collections via your interest or niche interest, from any device. There’s also a team of helpful curators to guide you to artwork you love.

Each piece tells a deeply complex story: it is the artist’s autobiographical moment, fantasy or inspiration captured on canvas, a product of weeks and months of intense effort that culminates in the triumphant. It is the celebration of the exchange between you and the artist; sharing in a passion. It is the artwork that captures your heart and makes a welcome addition to your home or creative space.

Annette Spinks, an artist for twelve years, creates otherworldly paintings that have an almost 3D quality. Annette draws from her deepest life experiences and exceptionally beautiful surrounds for inspiration. Her love and enthusiasm for painting resonates in her work and, although abstract, each painting is created with true inspiration and feeling. Many of her pieces are held in private and corporate collections throughout Australia and overseas. We love the beauty of Copious Blue, reminiscent of the emotive movements of a tumultuous sea. The dark and mysterious Stars in the Night captures the experience of viewing the night sky over Inverloch.

Copious Blue by Annette Spinks

St Kilda based artist Sally Perrett who works predominantly with acrylic and oil paints, is driven by her curiosity about cultural attire. Sally celebrates the vibrant colours and textiles worn by different ethnic groups, as well as jewellery and headdress, in her stunning paintings. Unable to continue with her travels due to health challenges, Sally now explores the world from her studio, through her work. You will be captivated by the bold detail of Belong to Yourself and intrigued by the expression of the beautiful and confident nude in F.L.Y. Cockie is a gorgeous piece of tasteful Australiana that will be at home in any house.

F.L.Y Acrylic paint on canvas by Sally Perrett

Jason Moad is a realist painter who has a wonderful knack of capturing action figures. Jason’s T-Rex is painted in the style of a toy dinosaur; this fun work will appeal to the young and young at heart. Marvel fans will love the impact of the Green Tea Hulk.

Green Tea Hulk

Adelaide’s Tatiana Georgieva creates paintings that echo the eternal connection with landscape and nature. Bringing bright colours and organic forms together, she produces vibrant artworks that create a unique atmosphere in the space where they live. We found it difficult to choose favourite works from Tatiana’s collection! Her piece, Dives tempore, celebrates summer in all its glory and would look perfect hanging above a mantelpiece. We walked on a silver sands honours Kangaroo Island’s beauty, whilst Can hear the bees takes viewers on a journey to the prettiest meadows of a European summer.

We walked on a silver sands by Tatiana Georgieva


Bluethumb – Uncover Australian Art

Bluethumb makes great Australian art accessible to everyone.

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